Reducing inflammation and speeding weight loss are simply two benefits of black cumin oil, which immediately causes us to be wonder, “How come we just now listening to this amazing superfood?” This supplement is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, so here’s why you need to pick a bottle of black cumin oil to lose weight.

What is black cumin oil?

Black cumin oil, also known as black cumin seed oil, kalonji oil, or nigella sativa oil, comes from the plant Nigella sativa. This beautiful flowering plant originated in Southwest Asia, and black cumin oil is commonplace in Africa, Eastern Europe, and also the Middle East.

Despite its recent increase in popularity, black cumin oil has been used for centuries. Nigella seeds were mentioned within the Old Testament as a cure for “not death,” and King Tut was even buried with some.

Uses for Black Cumin Oil

There are lots of ways to use black cumin oil, including being an ingredient in curries, salad dressings, and smoothies. It has an bitter, peppery taste, that's been when compared with burned onion, sesame, and poppy seeds that fall off an everything bagel. (That sounds delicious to us!) You simply need 1 to 3 tablespoons each day, so consider it more being an aromatic oil, not really a cooking oil.

Applying black cumin oil topically is also popular. One common method is to make use of black cumin oil for hair regrowth treatments. Black cumin oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that maintain scalp health by soothing irritating skin disorders like eczema and dandruff. Additionally, it offers the antihistamines nigellone and thymoquinone. People suffering from androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness) or alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) often take antihistamines to regrow their hair loss. Massaging black cumin oil into the scalp is a straightforward way to absorb those same antihistamines without getting medication.

Black cumin oil is also obtainable in capsule form for those who aren’t cooking with it or putting it on topically. You can buy it on the internet ($14.97 for 120 gel capsules, Amazon) or in a specialty store.

Black Cumin Oil Benefits

Perhaps probably the most appealing advantage of black cumin oil is that it might help with weight reduction. A study published within the June 2021 issue of Food & Function looked at what effects giving obese women nigella sativa oil (black cumin oil) had on their bodyweight and metabolism. Participants who received black cumin oil saw their weight and waist circumference “decreased significantly” compared to women in the placebo group. 

That said, you can’t just chug black cumin oil and expect to lose weight. The main reason this superfood works is probably it deals with the actual problems that cause obesity, like inflammation. Think of black cumin oil as a weight-loss tool instead of your primary method of weight loss.

If a person suffers from acne and scarring, multiple research has found that black cumin oil may be beneficial in preventing future breakouts and clearing up existing acne scars. A November 2021 review published in the Journal of Tropical Medicine cites a 2010 study published in the Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal that found that using a 20-percent power of nigella sativa oil worked better coupled with fewer negative effects than a five-percent benzoyl peroxide lotion.