“Finally, a bench. I need another break,” Krista Simpkins informed her husband before veering her swollen ankles from the walking path. She'd been trying to keep track of her grandchildren in the local zoo – their favorite destination – however the unwanted pounds she was carrying around had zapped the scant energy she had.

Watching her family snake farther up ahead, she thought, I wish I weren't so tired all the time. Fatigue seemed as normal to Krista as breathing, ever since she grew from child-sized clothing and directly into plus sizes. Despite sleeping nine hours at night, she never felt rested and spent the week-ends napping on the couch.

But after countless weight-loss disappointments, Krista no longer had the power to wrestle with dieting. And also over time, her “normal” only became more painful. “I had so many ailments. I was sick constantly,” she reveals. “It was a miserable cycle I could not get out of.”

Krista wasn't expecting anything to ever change. However when her husband's co-worker mentioned that he'd dropped a few pounds by using a keto diet, that unfamiliar term wormed its way into Krista's brain. The next time she was online, she searched the term “keto” and located a video introduction by Eric Berg, D.C., author of The Healthy Keto Plan.

Krista watched, entranced, and learned how her metabolism had stalled from sugar-related insulin spikes, leading to putting on weight, fatigue, even prediabetes. Well, this explains why each and every calorie-counting diet has failed, she thought. The deck was stacked against me.

But she kept watching and remarked that when you eat low-carb, she could shift her system to lose excess fat, not sugar, as fuel. The more she learned, the more she was convinced.

From the get-go, Krista says, “I wasn't lacking for delicious food.” She feasted on omelets for breakfast along with a comfort-food chicken casserole that “tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing.” Since she wasn't a salad eater, she took Dr. Berg's advice to get more vegetables into her diet by drinking green smoothies with your meal. “I was amazed through the taste of them!”

After Krista lost four pounds the first week, her husband took notice, and he decided to check it out too. Together, they enjoyed favorites like chicken cordon bleu and pork rind -encrusted fish. Dinner guests raved at Krista's keto pizza crust, saying, “We might have never known this was low-carb!”

Within two months, both of them felt their appetites choose to go down enough for them to eliminate breakfast and revel in just two daily meals, practicing intermittent fasting. The tasty fats they ate kept them full so they didn't feel cheated.

Seeing quick health advantages was energizing too. Krista noticed her ankles were a smaller amount swollen, and her husband felt mentally clearer. 2 yrs in the future, Krista has traded her size 26 clothing for size 6s. “I've lost half my size. I'm smaller now than I had been in junior high school!” She adds, “It's a complete myth that you simply can't slim down in your 50s. I'm in menopause and that i didn't have any issues. This has just seemed very easy!” Talk about a life-changer.