Setting up your own dedicated exercise space in your own home will both save you money, when it comes to eliminating gym memberships, as well as potentially improve your motivation, in that you are able to exercise at any time of your convenience from the leisure of your own home. But where do you start when you’re conceptualising your exercise space? And just what you need to you do to setup the perfect space for your requirements?

Get along with DIY

Firstly, before beginning to workout in your own home, it's important to get on top of any outstanding DIY work that might pose some risk to your exercise space or simply take up room that may be better utilised by your workout equipment. For instance, make sure the blinds are working for discretion when you’re exercising, change lightbulbs to ensure ambience, and tidy up the splash of paint, because the colour scheme can definitely influence how you think and subsequently perform.

Let’s not forget the fundamentals of removing any unsightly and dangerous materials for example cracked tiles, floorboards, and skirting boards that may snag clothing. Even a small splinter or perhaps a crack might cause you an injury in the center of your routine, so it’s better to be secure and also to perform a full perimeter check.

In the situation of a broken floorboard or uneven surfaces, you should use a professional wood glue that's made to be sanded and painted. This can avoid any unsightly marks or even the need for you to have to repair it again in a couple of weeks. Exactly the same can probably be said for tiles and fabrics: always use a bonding product which is designed especially for the task.

Utilise outdoor space

Secondly, consider other assets such as outdoor space. The smallest back yard could be transformed and used for exercising. A little balcony can be used a perfect place for planks and resistance band exercises. Meanwhile, a yard can be used as press-ups and skipping, along with a garden can be used for yoga and pilates.

Look around your parking space and consider areas that have the potential multifunctionality, for example, what about a sturdy gazebo frame is the best equipment for pull-ups or chin-ups.

Just ensure that if you’re doing sports that require clearance, such as yoga or skipping, that you simply remove any objects such as lights or plants that might obstruct. Additionally, it might be worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast as certain conditions may make for any tougher workout.

Shop second-hand

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Thirdly, consider curbing your costs where possible. After all, shopping for sports equipment could be expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you shop second-hand. For instance, if you want a treadmill or exercise bike, you are able to get a used one but nonetheless in great condition, for any fraction of the price. Sometimes gyms will sell equipment at great prices once they upgrade, so be sure to ask the local ones for a heads-up should that time come. You can also get second-hand resistance bands, rowing machines, weighted dumbells, and various other items of kit should you look around. 

There’s no need to buy new as there’s plenty of high-quality, second-hand equipment. The only thing is simply to be certain to wash it thoroughly. One thing to consider is that a possible disadvantage to shopping second-hand is you do not get the reassurance of a warranty as you would with a brand new product.


Finally, turning part of your home to your perfect exercise space isn't just concerning the equipment you use, it comes down to what sort of atmosphere you create. For example, pay attention to things like colour schemes. Different colours have different impacts on our mood, and you will find that some cause you to feel lethargic while others inspire you to maneuver. Also, attempt to add plants towards the vicinity. Not only do they look nice but they will also help to purify the air who are around you (a particular recommendation would be that from the peace lily). 

You might also consider such things as an audio system to function your favourite motivational tunes, or perhaps a TV to screen nature documentaries while you run. Whatever your requirements are, incorporate them into your space to help keep you focussed.

Setting up a home exercising area doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. All it needs is a little careful thought and consideration.