Turns out, today's world is extremely acidic. From junk foods and big portions of meat and cheese to toxins in the environment and stress hormones cause acid to construct inside us. Because an excessive amount of acid makes us sick, our systems work hard to reduce it, often pulling acid-neutralizing minerals from wherever they can, like calcium from your bones and cartilage and magnesium from muscles, explains Get Off Your Acid (Buy on Amazon, $12.79) author Daryl Gioffre, D.C.

Over time, bones weaken and joints ache. Muscle loss makes us weaker and slows metabolism. Plus, there's often still too much acid within our systems. When that occurs, “a key way our bodies protect us is by using fat like a buffer,” Dr. Gioffre says. This fat barrier gets locked in place, making flab difficult to burn. And even kept in fat cells, acid triggers health-dampening inflammation and hormonal problems. What's promising? “Reduce the acid, and you'll feel amazing as fat is easily released!” That’s where an alkaline diet is available in.

How an Alkaline Diet Boosts Health

The foods you eat with an alkaline diet help the body create an ideal pH. They can be found at any supermarket: colorful veggies, potatoes, ripe fruit, and fat-rich plants like olives, nuts, and avocados. For best results, make these alkaline diet foods your staples, says Dr. Stossier.

He says it's essential to limit acidifying options like coffee, sweeteners, refined grains, animal products and processed junk. “Try to not have them every day,” he suggests. “And always pair them with at least two servings of alkaline foods, so you've lots of nutrients to balance excess acid.”

As you need to do, there's evidence chronic inflammation will be relieved, leading to improvements in aches, pains, confusion, even diabetes and heart disease. A Tufts University study found that seniors with the most alkaline diets had much more muscle than those with acidic diets. And University of Texas research found a far more alkaline pH is associated with an astonishing 52 percent lower BMI. Adds Dr. Stossier: “It leads to optimal health. And I haven't seen an individual not get a much flatter stomach.”

An Alkaline Diet plan for Weight Loss

Simply increasing intake of alkaline foods – veggies, potatoes, fat-rich plants and ripe fruit – helps trigger weight reduction and boost health. Desire a jump start? Build all meals around alkaline foods for 14 days. Chew food well; stop eating when lightly full. For more inspiration, visit VivaMayr.com or even the blog at GetOffYourAcid.com. Always obtain a doctor's okay to try a brand new plan.

Breakfast: In blender, blitz chunks of 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 cup kale, 1 Tbs. chia and 3/4 cup nut milk.

Lunch: Top flourless bread (such as Ezekiel brand) with avocado, veggies along with a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy with veggie soup.