“The exams are back. We have to cancel your extraction,” said Twila Longenberger's oral surgeon, concern on his face. “Your blood sugar levels are 400. Unless it's under 200, there might be serious complications.” Twila felt stunned. She'd always been good about her diabetes meds. Of course- “My glucose monitor broke, and that i didn't customize the one yet,” she admitted. “But I feel fine!” A doctor touched her arm. “This is serious. See your primary care physician soon.”

Twila felt fear rising inside her. At 410 pounds and with endless health issues – diabetes, intense joint pain, massive migraines, a sluggish thyroid, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and more – the Indiana retiree fought constantly just to avoid getting worse. Did she possess the strength to fight harder?

Driving to an emergency appointment, her belly wedged from the steering wheel, Twila thought back on her behalf struggles. The real trouble began when she developed PCOS and her hormones went crazy. She grew heavier and heavier – especially after she and her husband started a household.

She tried Dieters, supervised fasts, low-fat plans, and, as her sugar soared, a diabetic plan. Progress was always slow, and even extra fruit made pounds pour back on.

Gradually peaceful with being bigger, she still tied to her diabetic program of low-carb mini meals; her weight continued to climb. By the time she hit her mid- 50s, everything felt hard. It hurts just to walk, to stand, to sit down. Sometimes it hurts just to breathe, she thought. Twila was fighting tears when her exam got under way. “We'll adjust your meds,” a doctor said. “And I really want you to try eating protein at every meal and keeping carbs to 100 grams a day.” As if by reflex, Twila opened her mouth to describe why it couldn't work. But no words came. That actually sounds doable, she thought.

Building Momentum

Using a totally free app, Twila began searching for carbs in various foods. Even healthier bread, pasta, and sweets are carb bombs, she realized. I'll skip them. She began fixing meals with protein, non-starchy veggies, a little fat, and fruit or potatoes. She snacked on nuts or popcorn. “It's not too different from how I accustomed to eat,” she shared with her husband. “I feel very good!” Twila's new monitor showed her sugar was coming down, so she kept in internet marketing.

By week three, she did a little dance. Her sugar have been cut in half! I can reschedule my dental work, she beamed. Soon after, she weighed herself and her joy was gone. She known as the doctor. “I lost 30 pounds,” she said. “That's too quickly, specifically for me. Something's wrong.” But the doctor explained it had been normal for that body to burn extra fat and to let go of water weight as carb intake boils down. Affirmed, over the the following month Twila lost another 27 pounds, plus her fatigue, migraines, high blood pressure and intense arthritis pain counseled me disappearing.

The Ultra Keto Plan That Worked

“You're responding so well, you might want to try a ketogenic diet,” a doctor said throughout a routine check. Twila did not know much about the approach, so she did research and learned it requires 70 % of energy. That doesn't seem safe, she thought. I don't want to hurt my body system a lot more than I already have. Yet so many doctors seemed to recommend it. I guess I possibly could stick to healthier keto foods and find out what happens.

The next day, Twila had a veggie omelet, steak over salad, and pork loin with buttered broccoli. Hour by hour, she felt in control, not deprived. I think because I'd already cut back on carbs, it's easier to adjust, she realized.

As days passed, she learned to prevent foods that didn't seem to sit well in her own system, like zero-carb sweeteners and processed keto junk. I only want foods that will help me heal.

By the 16-week mark, Twila had lost an astounding 102 pounds. And blood tests soon showed every aspect of her was improving: her kidneys, pancreas, liver. For the first time in 24 years, she was no longer diabetic. Twila got in a groove, eating three meals a day between 10 am and 6 pm. She felt great – better than great. “I used to eat seven times each day and become hungry and tired,” Twila, 57, recalls. “Now I consume less food but I'm full and energized.”

Fast-forward 3 years, and Twila is down 245 pounds. She's reversed or dramatically improved all her health conditions. “My thyroid meds happen to be cut by half and my triglycerides are down 320 points. Even my allergies are gone!” she marvels. “I can't believe this is me. I'm so blessed!”

Ultra Keto – The way it Works

Ultra keto dieters slash carbs as they up fat intake – a trick that keeps against making enough blood sugar levels to fuel itself. To pay, our system turns fat into another fuel called ketones, and research has shown ketone production speeds fat burn by 650 percent. Experts add that system-wide inflammation brought on by high blood sugar is relieved, triggering benefits from head to toe.

Twila found that her body responded better to anti-inflammatory fare like veggies packed with healing antioxidants, protein full of healing proteins and soothing fats like butter, olive and coconut oils. Experts agree she hit on keto at its best. An Italian team found that anti-inflammatory, or 'ultra,' keto not only speeds away fat but also improves health up to 77 percent faster than other diets. “The less inflammation you have, the better every cell and system work,” says Josh Axe, N.D. Keto expert Fred Pescatore, M.D., also swears through the approach, noting his patients lose up to 16 pounds per week!

How to Lose Weight on Ultra Keto

As Twila adjusted to ultra keto eating, she'd occasionally find herself frustrated that they couldn't enjoy particular foods -especially bread – without gaining. “But then I heard something on YouTube that actually resonated beside me. It had been a keto dieter saying we do not choose the deck of cards we're dealt, we just enjoy when we're sufficiently fortunate to get,” she recalls. “I remarked that, while my body system doesn't handle carbs well, I have found a way to get my health back. And that i can continue to have delicious foods like chicken parm and pot roast!”

To follow Twila's lead, use a free tracker to get 70 % of the calories from fat, 25 percent from protein, and Five percent from carbs. Use natural, unprocessed ingredients when making meals like the examples here. Twila loves the recipes found in Keto Comfort Foods ($15.69, Amazon) by Maria Emmerich and also at MariaMindBodyHealth.com. As always, get a doctor's okay to test any new diet.

Breakfast: Eggs, any style, prepared with non-starchy veggies and butter; a side of minimally processed sausage.

Lunch: Sliced beef and optional cheese on the leafy green salad with sugar-free olive oil vinaigrette.

Snack: Cottage cheese with berries, mixed nuts or jerky with no nitrates or sugar.

Dinner: Chicken parmesan, keto style (recipe below).

Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe


  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan
  • 1/4 cup crushed pork rinds
  • 2 tsp. Italian seasoning
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 4 boneless chicken breasts, pounded to 1/2 ”-thick
  • 24 oz. no-sugar-added marinara
  • 8 oz. mozzarella