Cable Rope Curls
Classic Arm pump to finish off
the workout. There are lots of variations for curls on a cable machine. With this
we will perform a rope hammer curl. Sitting on your feet, make sure you are
over top of the cable. Make sure you can get your arms to full extension before
you curl back up. No rocking backwards and forwards. Keep core tight and you may set up
inside a mini split stance position to keep your pelvis and core engaged.
Repeat for reps

Tall Kneeling Tricep Pulldowns
Changing this one up in the
traditional pulldown you may have seen in the gym. Most people butcher the
tricep pulldown by overloading the cables, rounding their shoulders and trying
“muscle” the weight down. We have to keep our spine tall, shoulders back and
elbows in tight. Decrease to tall kneeling, on knees. Facing out from the
machine. The rope directly before you. Tuck your pelvis, Squeeze your
glutes and rep it out. Superset back and forth.

Sample workout below

1a) 4
sets 8-12 reps

1b) 4 sets
8-12 reps
90s rest. Again,
you want to make the most of our time. Rather than doing core at the end. Do a
set of situps, planking or any other variations on your 90s of rest. Not just
will your workout be more efficient you will burn the greatest amount of

2a)  4 sets 8-12 reps

2b)  4 sets 8-12 reps

90s rest
or core

3a) 3
sets 10 reps a side.

3b) 3
sets 10 reps a side.

90s rest
no core



take any breaks. Try and find a weight you are able to finish the entire superset with.

Have fun
and tell me the way you do!! Getting into a routine doesn’t have to be painful.
Ensure that it stays fun, simple and short and you will start to notice the alterations over
time. Don’t give up!!

By Jordan Jeske