The past year . 5 has been especially difficult for the fitness industry, which has been built on the power of connection and training instantly. There's something about being together and moving together. The transition and relocation of many businesses and services online was an immense achievement which is a testament to the necessity to connect with one another, no matter what. Fitness experts who pivoted became successful, despite the circumstances and restrictions, because they were those who found methods to stay and build connections and community. One lesson to become learned from the global events of 2021 and 2021 is the fact that we are stronger together. This lesson is still essential for us to keep in mind once we consider what it really means to be future ready in the realm of fitness post-pandemic.

Through recent events we've realized precisely how multidimensional our overall health is. It's not only the minutes of activity, how big the weights we can lift or even the number of reps that people log for our workouts. Not just must we consider our physical health, but we need to appreciate and element in our levels of mental, emotional, and social health and how these different areas connect and interact with one another to create a total picture of overall health and wellness. The impact from the global COVID-19 pandemic has been so devasting for so many because it has hit each one of these levels. Whenever we take a holistic method of health insurance and rebuild all dimensions together, we will be more productive and create greater impact. This is where the strength of community and connection becomes vitally important. 

Our experiences through this pandemic jolted into critical consciousness the human requirement for connection and how this supports our health and wellness and wellbeing. Community creates connection; and if one thing is required now more than ever before, it is connection. Realize that connection may be the thread which will guide us with the uncertain times and support and sustain us through the times ahead as we increase to reopen. It's our rocket fuel – the more we've the further our ship goes. Here are 3 ways connection will bring about our success and why you ought to concentrate on it. 

Connection creates resiliency. Resiliency is that ability to withstand adversity and improves the capability to make stronger comebacks. The depth of the quality in our connections with the relationships we establish and nurture is a key determining factor in our mental and emotional resiliency. Connection to ourselves and serving your own needs, in addition to connection with others, are generally important in this sense. 

Connection creates determination. Using a network of friends, colleagues and allies creates determination and accountability to stay together with your goals. Finding people who share how well you see and understand the need for your mission will help you reach your purpose. 

Connection creates tenacity. Do you notice how when you're working out with your friends you somehow will go longer, harder, faster, or perhaps lose track of time? Having community and others to remain the course, even through challenging times, with the give you support have to pursue your goals. 

As the world begins to re-open, we are presented with a chance to think about, reconsider and renew our community relationships. How will you leverage your community involvement? What communities are you part of now? Which one(s) are you excited revisit or which(s) should you let go of? How can you discover the courage being part of new communities that will help you reach your next level? Be real with yourself on where you are at and where you need to be. That is what can help you find communities and make the authentic relationships that'll be most critical for your personal and professional development. 

In 2021, canfitpro's August flagship event reminded us of the power of connection, whether near or far, there is a thread that connects us to each other as fitness professionals that cannot be cut-even with a global pandemic. This season, the canfitpro 2021 Online: Global Conference & Trade event happening August 13 and 14. Two sessions you can't miss would be the Opening and Closing keynote sessions. In the Opening Keynote – “The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement” – futurist Ian Mullane, will share an exhilarating vision of the fitness future and invaluable insights around the way we can thrive. Leave the weekend feeling motivated and inspired to choose your dreams and then level by our Closing Keynote with Chantal Petitclerc – “Sharing My Story To Inspire The Best in You-Our Moment“. That is not all, with more than 115 workshops, workouts, lectures, keynotes and networking and 125+ presenters from around the world, you will find immense opportunities to learn, grow and connect. We invite you to definitely come along! 

When you attend canfitpro 2021 Online you'll realize that it is a lot more than simply an online event. This is “our moment” to connect being an industry and are a symbol of a reason that is a lot higher than a single workout or fitness business or establishment could do on their own. What we should hope to create through this global event is a space to keep fit professionals and enthusiasts to unite, become energized and excited for the future.  Go to to learn more. 

We are at a critical time and come with an incredible opportunity to reflect on and remind ourselves why we all do what we do and why it matters. “Our moment” has come to rise with resiliency, determination, and tenacity to stay with this dream of keeping people fit and ready for reopening!