The COVID-19 death toll in Kentucky is continuing to climb.

On Sunday Gov. Andy Beshear said an additional 26 Kentuckians died from the virus and most 400 other medication is in intensive care units over the state.

Two from the dead – men aged 73 and 86 – were from Jefferson County. The youngest to die on Sunday was a 49-year-old woman from Russell County.

A total of two,397 Kentuckians have left from COVID-19, based on state data.

More than 1,760 new cases were reported on Sunday, with 256 from Jefferson County and more than 100 from each Fayette and Warren counties.

Beshear isn't likely to announce any additional restrictions to combat the spreading virus within the run up to the Christmas holiday. Dr. Steven Stack, the state's public health commissioner, on Thursday said exactly the same guidelines that were in place for Thanksgiving should apply to Christmas – no more than eight people from two households should gather and all sorts of traditional holiday parties ought to be cancelled.

The state set a grim record for deaths Thursday, when Beshear said 54 people died in the virus.

In an e-mail Sunday, Stack said the state has made good progress, however is not in the finish line yet.

“Watching your parking space, wearing a mask and washing your hands is still important to keep you and others safe,” he said. “Your choices today will affect Kentuckians for many years.”

A new vaccine is going to be administered to hospital workers over the state this week, Beshear said. The Moderna vaccine was shipped out of Louisville on Sunday and Beshear expects vaccinations to begin as early as Monday.

The Pfizer vaccine was rolled out last week.