Gov. Andy Beshear announced on Saturday 3,711 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky. This is the second-highest daily total of recent cases yet. The record was focused on Friday.

Beshear announced 21 new deaths due to the coronavirus. The positivity rates are 9.14%, meaning about one in every 11 people who get tested are positive. Beshear said 202 Kentuckians are presently on ventilators and 370 have been in the ICU.

“We continue being in exponential growth, that will threaten the health care capacity in this state,” Beshear said. “That's why we're taking action, and that's why we're fighting back.”

New restrictions aimed at schools, restaurants, bars along with other public spaces began on Friday evening.

“We're worried we'll reach a place high aren't enough doctors and nurses to help those who are sick and who need their help,” Beshear said.