We queried the cyclists in the Experience Life office for many help on this delicate question of private hygiene. Here are a few of the tips we garnered:

The Ride: First of all, leave home early and ride slowly so you don’t work up as much of a sweat while you would if you were pushing hard. Carry your pack inside a pannier or a basket to help avoid a sweaty back.

Clothes: You can pack a fresh change of garments; roll them to minimize wrinkling. You can also store fresh clothes, along with a toiletries kit and a pair of nice dress shoes, at your desk. You might consider wearing perspiration-wicking fabrics like wool or synthetics, or special cycling clothing that will the same job.

Toweling Off: A PackTowl are needed for wiping sweat away. These towels are generally super absorbent and quick drying, and they’re often made from antibacterial fabrics. Consider stashing face wipes or baby wipes inside your bag or toiletry kit at work to help freshen up, too.