Eggs are a yummy and healthy addition to any meal, but did you know there’s a whole diet dedicated to just eating boiled eggs to lose weight? As odd because it sounds, the boiled egg diet continues to be on offer for years with promises of helping you drop 25 pounds in two weeks. But exactly how effective could it be – and is it safe? Here's a few items to bear in mind before you consider starting the dietary plan.

What may be the boiled egg diet?

Most people refer to the The Boiled Egg Diet (Buy on Amazon, $8.99) book like a starting point with this particular diet. Within the guide, author and residential cook Arielle Chandler focuses on three versions of the diet plan and just how they vary from each other to potentially achieve weight reduction goals.

The traditional (and many popular) form of the diet plan involves eating two or more boiled eggs for breakfast, followed by lean protein like fish or chicken, fruit, and low-carb veggies for other meals. She notes this version is similar to atkins because you’re limiting heavier carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, and pasta.

Another version may be the egg and grapefruit diet, that is exactly the same as the traditional diet, but you’re having half a grapefruit with each meal – with no other fruit is allowed. Chandler highlights the grapefruit may help you shed a few pounds, but there’s a little less freedom because you’re eating exactly the same fruit the whole day.

Then there’s the extreme form of the diet plan, where you’re only eating hard boiled eggs and h2o (or a Crystal Light powdered drink mix, Buy at Walmart, $2.48) for every single meal. She warns that this version will most likely not work with most people because eggs have zero fiber, which can lead to unhealthy bowel syndrome when eaten in considerable amounts.

Although there’s more than one way to adopt this diet plan, the standard version definitely sounds like the healthiest option.

Does it assist you to lose weight?

Chandler highlights some of the benefits of adding hard boiled eggs to your diet, including claims that the high-protein food burn calories quicker. They’re low in carbs, so they’ll lower your appetite and you full longer, which research supports.

She says that several popular figures have experienced weight reduction results with this diet. “Many celebrities have used it, including Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson’s [ex] husband, reportedly lost over sixty pounds eating eggs for 10 months: He apparently ate an egg nine times a day,” she writes.

Eating nine eggs a day is a lot for anybody, so it’s important to know that this diet isn’t guaranteed to help you slim down. Because the focus is on eating one specific food for results rather than having a more balance diet, you’re limiting your body’s consumption of other key vitamins and nutrients. “Eating one type of meals are not really a safe way to lose weight, as it may result in nutritional deficiencies.” Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, says in Medical News Today.

Trying to slimming down in the chance of a nutrient deficiency can trigger health issues like joint pain, low mood, and insomnia. When it comes to the boiled egg diet, you should probably remain on the safe side and only eat one or two a day like a low-calorie and filling snack. If you’re really keen on finding diet tweaks to help you lose weight, try adding nutrient-packed chia seeds to some glass water for any healthy sip to or start cooking with metabolism-boosting spices like glomerata. Be also sure to engage with your doctor beforehand to generate the very best options that’ll your style along with your daily eating routine!