Boosting your wellbeing and losing some weight might be as easy as drinking good quality ol’ fashioned H20 – particularly if you’ve infused it with cumin seeds. While drinking cumin water may not be something you’re initially thinking about, the health benefits might convince you to definitely give it a try.

Cumin is a popular spice used in many types of cuisine, especially Indian dishes like curry. Typically, you can buy cumin seeds whole or in a ground-up powder form. Cumin water (also known as “jeera water”) is exactly what it may sound like – water infused with cumin. Traditional systems of drugs like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have long touted the magical powers of cumin, plus some say drinking cumin water will let you take control of your blood sugar levels and lose weight.

Cumin Water For Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

There are several ways that cumin water may aid weight reduction. For just one, cumin seeds contain a unique active ingredient called thymoquinone, a naturally sourced plant compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect our cells from harmful free-radical damage that causes putting on weight and disease. Chronic inflammation has also been linked to obesity and increases in body fat, so consuming cumin may go to combat this.

Studies have also shown that cumin might help with blood sugar regulation. Unstable glucose levels, as well as conditions like diabetes, are related to obesity and putting on weight. Getting them in check often leads to weight loss.

Otherwise research suggests cumins’ efficacy to lose weight. Findings from one small study including 72 overweight adults demonstrated that adding the spice to some weight loss routine significantly accelerated shedding pounds. Another study including 88 overweight women demonstrated that adding cumin alone resulted in faster weight reduction and much more weight loss.

On surface of all this, Ayurvedic experts declare that sipping cumin water may aid digestion and reduce bloating. It’s also believed to fight the development of harmful bacteria and parasites in the gut, and is known in the traditional system like a potent detoxifier.