As almost as much ast we're getting excited about post-pandemic life, many of us just can't seem to shake the low energy, bloat, blah moods, and sleep issues we developed during lockdown. Why? From that extra glass (or two!) of wine to comfort-food binges to increased exposure to chemical cleaners, “our bodies have taken a tough hit recently, and virtually everyone now has a liver that isn't functioning in addition to it should,” notes world-renowned detox authority Alejandro Junger, MD. What's promising: The liver is our most resilient organ. “Take easy steps to aid its ability to detox and heal itself, and you may feel dramatically better by in a few days,” promises Dr. Junger, whose devotees report using his approach to quickly transform their health and shed one or two pounds every single day.

Tucked under the right side of our rib cage, the football-sized liver “is constantly filtering blood pumped from the intestines,” notes Dr. Junger. The majority of what we should ingest – fat, sugar, protein, alcohol, vitamins, minerals, medicine, toxins – is sorted after which shipped off or processed through the organ. In fact, it is the hub of our metabolism and our main fat-burning organ.

The liver also fuels our stress response, regulates hormones, produces immune cells, and performs a lot more than 500 other functions. So it's no wonder it struggles to keep up – especially throughout a pandemic. With so many roles, the signs of a sluggish liver pile on, especially blood-sugar issues, high cholesterol levels, cravings, putting on weight, GI woes, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and low immunity. Luckily, Dr. Junger's fix isn't just fast-acting but additionally easy and extremely effective.

What would be the advantages of a liver detox?

Dr. Junger's famous Clean 7 plan starts by individuals biggest liver-zapping culprits: Sugar, grains, junk foods, and alcohol. Turns out, these options typically are a massive excess of blood sugar the liver must become fat. “When the liver is overwhelmed, fat gets trapped in the organ itself, impairing function,” Dr. Junger explains. Skipping these problem foods, even if just for a short while, boosts liver health. And per scientists at Baylor University in Texas, it helps 98 percent of people lose significant body fat.

What will you eat instead? Protein and antioxidant-rich plant foods, especially cocoa, berries, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, and seeds. They're packed with nutrients which help the liver repair itself and eliminate toxins that otherwise have health-dampening negative effects.

What’s the science behind it?

To take the findings of modern science to some totally new level, Dr. Junger draws on ancient Ayurvedic healing practices in addition to spices. He loves holy basil, ginger, cinnamon, and especially turmeric. Important to note, these practices are in possession of traditional clinical studies backing them up. Take turmeric – research shows its compounds split up fatty deposits clogging the liver as well as repair liver tissue damaged by exposure to toxins. Additionally, there are evidence that turmeric's antioxidants spike fat burn by up to 560 percent! And a study on the National College of Naturopathic Medicine found that a detox according to Ayurvedic principles improved liver function by 53 percent in only 1 week.

Dr. Junger, a cardiologist, reveals that Ayurveda helped heal their own treatmentresistant IBS. “Seeing how good it worked humbled me like a doctor who had long practiced strictly Western medicine. Now I believe factoring in ancient wisdom makes my approach an unstoppable force!” he states, adding that you could repeat the weeklong approach as often when needed to attain your wellbeing goals and feel amazing.

What could your results seem like?

As Laura Ann Joy's weight crept up and countless diets failed, she never gave her liver much thought – yet it took a regular beating. The stressed-out mom often grabbed unhealthy foods on crazy days; she also took control of 300 pills per month for any rare spinal arthritis. “Luckily, I saw a job interview with Dr. Junger on Instagram,” recalls the Florida account exec, 50. “I realized I had been depriving myself of food, but not giving my body system what it needed to heal and thrive.”