Collagen has become all the rage over the last few years because of its numerous purported skincare advantages. However, there’s much more reason to think about passing on a second look: It may be helpful with regards to assisting you shed a few unwanted weight.

How does collagen help you slim down?

Before diving into collagen’s potential weight loss benefits, the facts, and why has it gained traction in recent years? Collagen is what’s referred to as a structural protein, and it’s the main building block for roughly 25 to 30 percent famous your body’s proteins. Outside of weight loss, promising research has shown that supplement collagen may improve skin elasticity, reduce and relieve pain, slow and even prevent bone loss, and strengthen hair and nails.

On the load loss front, while scientists are quick to point out that their work on the topic is still ongoing, early studies have learned that collagen could increase satiety between and during meals while decreasing hunger, improve muscle mass (that is key for long-term weight reduction and weight loss), and potentially manage fat accumulation with time.

What are its side effects?

Generally side effects of taking supplemental collagen are mild and can include an upset stomach and a bad style of your mouth. Anyone with a shellfish, egg, or fish allergy should avoid consuming it since different formulas could contain ingredients from one or all three groups.

Dosage-wise, most studies has used roughly 2.Five to ten grams per day of collagen without harmful negative effects, but because with any addition to your diet or supplement regimen, speak to your doctor first before starting anything new.

How in the event you take it?