When was the final time you thought about your serotonin levels? You’ve probably vaguely learned about this hormone before, but are you aware that it greatly affects the way you start your daily routine, from how much food you eat to how you feel? If your serotonin levels are off, it might result in a quantity of complex health issues. Luckily, there’s vitamins that could help. Here’s what you need to know about 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).

What is 5-HTP?

The supplement 5-HTP is definitely an protein that’s naturally produced in your body. It’s vital within the development of serotonin, a critical hormone that does a number of important jobs by making sure brain cells and the remaining nervous system communicate effectively. Its responsibilities include regulating your moods, overseeing your sleep patterns, stabilizing unwanted weight, and improving digestion, among a number of other things. Once the body has a serotonin shortage, you may notice you have more symptoms of anxiety and depression, sleep problems, and difficulties with weight management.

That’s where an 5-HTP supplement, which generally comes from the seeds of an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia, might help. Research indicates that it may have a number of health advantages, including suppressing hunger hormones so that you don’t get hungry as fast, increasing feelings of fullness, combatting a serotonin imbalance that triggers depressive symptoms, and preventing or lessening the seriousness of migraines.

On top of all that, scientists are conducting early studies now looking at how serotonin and 5-HTP supplements can improve fibromyalgia symptoms and boost quality sleep, and there are a few promising results. They require more research, but it’s a start.

What are its side effects?

Currently, negative effects when taking an 5-HTP supplement include nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea, and vomiting. According to current research, doses of fifty to 100 milligrams twice per day are generally safe for consumption for your first couple of weeks taking it. Scientists recommend not going over 800 milligrams daily in excess of six weeks at a time.

How should you take it?

5-HTP supplements often come in the form of a dental capsule (Buy on Amazon, $16.83) and therefore are simple to find online.

As with any supplement, do your research prior to making a purchase, and talk to your doctor prior to getting started. That extra medical opinion matters!