Most people learn about ginger's capability to calm upset stomachs when we feel nauseous. It can also be used like a potent flu-fighting ingredient in drinks like fire cider, in order to provide you with a boost of one's in switchel. While those are generally great ways to reap ginger's benefits, you will get some pretty great perks out of a simple cup of ginger tea.

With just two ingredients – ginger and water, as the name suggests – it isn't just quite simple to make, but the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant aspects of the main can help you to shed some weight. 

A study from Metabolism journal claimed that participants were able to reduce their feelings of hunger thanks to ginger, which helped them to conserve a healthier grasp on weight management. Just a couple of years later in 2021, the Journal of Science and Food Agriculture backed that theory having a study that claimed “ginger supplementation suppresses obesity induced with a high fat diet.” They felt that daily doses, as with ginger tea, was a promising addition for treating obesity.

So, how do you make ginger tea? You should start by washing a fresh piece of ginger root. Next, make use of a zester to grate about half a teaspoon, or carefully slice it as being thinly as possible with a knife. You can use your preferred way of boiling water – a teapot, cooking pot, or heating it up within the microwave. Once it's nice and hot, add the ginger and allow it to steep for for about 10 minutes. Before drinking, strain the bits of ginger and toss those away. If you like cold drinks, you can pop it in the fridge and wait for it for cooling down or add ice.

The flavor of ginger could be a bit intense for some, so adding in fresh lemon or perhaps a dash of honey is fine and won’t negate the ginger's potent power. Actually, adding honey can also help provide you with much healthier bonuses, like promoting good cholesterol. 

You might be lured to chug as much ginger tea as you can brew, but it is remember this that too much of anything can easily be a bad thing. Experts from Healthline recommend not exceeding more than four grams of ginger each day, which would apt to be more ginger than anyone would ever want to consume anyway. You should also check with your physician before sipping on tons of this recipe during the day.