It's official – a review of more than 80 studies shows that raising your intake of the best fats sends your risk of heart disease, weight problems, diabetes, and other health hassles plunging around 50 percent.

Butter helps keep your heart ticking.

Butter consumption has increased 36 percent within the last few years due to smart shoppers switching from chemical-laden fats to natural ones. That's smart: A minimum of eight studies suggest eating butter won't lift up your risk of heart disease one bit. In fact, they show that utilizing it in place of margarine along with other processed fats actually lowers your heart-disease risk around 25 %. Butter is full of lecithin, vitamin K-2, and other nutrients that block the buildup of artery-clogging plaque, Canadian researchers explain.

Red palm oil cuts cancer risk.

Red palm oil is a superb option for sauteing and deep-frying food since it doesn't smoke at high temperatures – and because consuming just 3 tbsp. weekly could lower your chance of cancer as much as 20 %, reveals Alabama A&M University research. “This oil is rich in tocotrienols and e vitamin, nutrients that strengthen your immune system, helping it to quickly destroy precancerous cells,” explains Bruce Fife, ND, author of Eat Fat, Look Thin (Buy on Amazon, $13.30). One option: Nutiva Organic Red Palm Oil (Buy on Amazon, $11.66).

Peanut butter boosts unwanted weight loss.

According to Harvard researchers, simply adding Two to three Tbsp. of peanut butter to your daily diet can trim around six inches off your waistline in 6 months. The reason: Healthy fats in peanuts help stop cravings – plus they fire up the fat-burning mitochondria inside every one of your cells.

Coconut oil helps you dodge diabetes.