More and much more evidence – together with a brand-new Duke University study – shows our “metabolism glands” take a beating in the modern world. In fact, experts estimate that 40 million people are in serious will need a thyroid boost. Dr. Oz to the rescue! His arsenal of science-backed secrets is proven to jumpstart a pokey thyroid, “So you can burn more fat, feel more energized and wake up your metabolism like never before,” he recently promised on his website. How good do Dr. Oz's salt detox tricks work? Women report with them to fully recharge their own health report results because they shed a pound each day or more – with changes kicking in within seven days. 

The Smart Salt

Dr. Oz has called iodine “the key ingredient you need for your thyroid.” We can't make thyroid hormone without it – and that's the reason it has been put into table salt because the 1920s. But many of us don't get enough of the nutrient. One good reason: The recognition of gourmet salt (like kosher salt and sea salt) means as much as 80 percent of what we shake on our food “no longer has iodine put into it,” Dr. Oz reported. Making matters worse, common toxins (which Duke scientists found hiding in many ordinary household dust) can prevent iodine from being absorbed. Luckily, adding a little “ordinary” salt back into your diet is usually what is needed to revive manufacture of thyroid hormones. Dr. Oz's Rx: “A pinch of iodized table salt every day.” 

Bonus: Selenium is yet another nutrient essential to thyroid function, helping activate thyroid hormone. Dr. Holtorf says you will find evidence it will help fight autoimmune thyroid conditions. The very best source? Brazil nuts. That's why Dr. Oz's recently tweeted: “Eat two Brazil nuts each day for thyroid health.” 

Success Made Simple

While iodized salt gets to work reviving a thyroid problem, Dr. Oz says a few dietary tweaks can further help. “One thing you need every day is 30 grams of protein to fireplace up your thyroid,” Dr. Oz said. Eggs and turkey sausage or a smoothie with protein powder is going to do the trick nicely. Proteins are a foundation of thyroid hormones – and a high-protein breakfast can increase amounts of thyroid hormone. It may also help keep hunger and cravings down all day.

You'll also want to skip foods which are a drain on the thyroid. When Dr. Oz's daughter Zoe developed thyroid issues, her dad, author from the bestseller Food Can deal with It, coached her to trade foods which are often highly inflammatory – like ultra-processed fare, wheat and dairy – for foods with strong anti-inflammatory properties (like veggies, fruit, nuts, beans, gluten-free whole grain products and seafood, spices, and healthy fats). Works out, inflammatory foods trigger the discharge of hormones that block thyroid function. As inflammation subsides, thyroid hormones improve nicely, boosting calorie burn by about 500 calories a day for a typical woman.

More proof it works: Diagnosed with a slow thyroid, “I was gaining weight and exhausted even after 14 hours rest,” recalls Larisa Hull, 38. “It was like always having mono.” After changing doctors, she finally got medication that restored her energy, “but I only lost just a little weight, so I started researching.” The Ohio mom switched to an anti-inflammatory diet, ensuring to get lots of iodine and selenium. She never looked back. “I've kept off 46 pounds for five years without any take into account portions,” she says. “I just stay with foods that do good stuff for my body – also it changed my entire life. I feel normal again!”