Does it ever seem like fat simply will not budge? You're not imagining it. “As the body turns food into fuel, it creates by-products that may actually bind to fat cells and block fat inside from being released,” confirms women's health guru Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author from the new book Radical Longevity.

These troublemaking compounds are called AGEs. In the end have enzymes to eliminate them, here's the problem: Any food cooked in dry, high temperature – including virtually all processed food – dumps a lot of additional AGEs into our system, the body cannot continue. Unchecked AGEs attach themselves to numerous cells, a process that blocks fat loss as well as hardens arteries, weakens muscle and bone ,as well as impairs organs and cognitive abilities. “Breakthrough studies have shown that these molecules are intimately tied to aging and each known age-related disease,” says Gittleman. “Target AGEs, and you will 'unlock' your fat cells and radically help your health!”

Think of AGEs as being a bit like soot at the bottom of the fireplace – they're no problem once they don't pile up. Just how do we get rid of them? Little tweaks towards the approach we take to cook can make a huge difference, because both browning and charring accelerate producing AGEs. So a switch from, say, grilling and deep-frying to steaming and quick stir-fries can cut your AGEs by a whopping 81 percent, according to Helen Vlassara, MD along with a team of Mount Sinai Med school researchers.

And since extreme heat is used to fabricate most food, limiting how much processed stuff you eat is also a big advantage. “Our research showed that avoiding foods full of AGEs had the ability to turn back damage that had been done,” per Dr. Vlassara. And, yes, this means effortless weight loss. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen discovered that women who used these strategies for a single month lost 57 percent excess fat and 61 percent more belly fat than those eating a traditional diet.

How does a five-day detox to reduce AGEs work?

A longtime fan of Ann Louise Gittleman's books, Tracy St. Peter was excited to read Radical Longevity. “I've been wanting to explore aging in a healthy and graceful way,” says the Texas business proprietor, 60. She was surprised to locate that her passion for grilled and roasted meat and veggies might be driving what she thought was age-related weight gain, fatigue, and brain fog. “I started the five-day plan, and my body system released more fat than it has in a long time.” Down more than a pound each day with zero hunger, Tracy continued using detox-inspired menus – and ended up three sizes smaller. “I also have tighter skin, a greater body, fewer age spots, fewer wrinkles, less pain, and sharper focus. It's so easy to complete, and the rewards are incredible!”

Gittleman says a lot of us need to visit immediate progress to stay with healthy changes within the long-term, which explains why she designed a special AGE-blasting regimen hoping it would make a big difference in a short time. Her ace in the hole: Menus made up of a remarkably high concentration of micronutrients that are considered to neutralize AGEs, including vitamins A, C and E from vegetables and polyphenol antioxidants in coffee, herbs, and spices. Actually, her recipe for “longevity coffee” – containing a mug of joe plus two forms of protein, coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger – is really what sets this plan apart. “It's a nutrient powerhouse that tastes delicious and turns off hunger,” she says.

But it's not all about plant foods either. Gittleman features a generous quantity of grass-fed beef within the plan's signature soup. She explains that beef is rich in a vitamin-like compound called carnosine, which is shown to reduce the amount of AGEs your body produces.

One more thing: “Because the majority of your food intake in a day is available in the form of smoothies, tea, and soup, the nutrients are also easier for that body to soak up,” Gittleman notes. “Essentially I attempted putting everything I know about anti-aging and weight loss into one detox. But even I had been surprised at how good it's working! Women like it. They love the food, love the way it means they are feel. The number of plans are helping people normalize blood pressure level and set a double chin in less than a week?” Also impressive, folks report whisking off as much as 11 pounds along with a full pants or dress size just in 5 days.

What do the results seem like?

A friend who'd lost plenty of weight turned Ruth Alexander on to Gittleman's detox. “It worked wonderfully on her and we're the same age, and so i figured it might work with me too,” recalls the California grandmother, 60. Though her main goal was to shed weight, Ruth realized she'd been eating a lot of AGE-producing foods – packaged bread, chips, grilled and seared meat. That made her suspect that she may be feeling over the age of she needed to.

Excited to find out, Ruth made herself a big pot of Gittleman's soup and got started. She loved everything: The soup, the morning coffee drink, snacking on jicama, even the dandelion tea she began sipping as she wound down every night. “What I did not expect was how easy it was. I'd no hunger and that i was excited about the food I was eating, no feeling of deprivation whatsoever,” she recalls. After five days, she had been down Ten pounds and a full size. “But it felt like more because I lost so much bloat,” she recalls. “My energy is thru the rooftop, my 'everyday' pains and aches are gone, my brain is sharper, and that i sleep better.” She added a few more Radical Longevity recipes for variety and it has continued to shed pounds. “You've got to do this. It's so easy, and you'll feel better than you've in years!”

What are sample recipes?

While using Gittleman's Radical Longevity detox, simply love this particular basic menu on any five consecutive days. If you wish to exercise, choose walking or a gentle activity. Wish to keep losing following the 5 days expires? Continue sipping Gittleman's special coffee in the morning, build meals around antioxidant-rich foods, and cook with low, moist heat (such as steaming or poaching) as frequently as possible. As always, obtain a doctor's okay to test any new plan.

BREAKFAST: For breakfast, blitz 8 ounces hot coffee, one scoop whey protein, one tablespoon of cocoa, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of collagen powder, plus cinnamon and stevia to taste.

SNACK: As a crispy treat at midmorning and midafternoon, enjoy celery sticks and jicama with lime juice and seasoning. If you want, nibble on the few olives too.

LUNCH AND DINNER: Cook your brown beef and hang it aside. In same pot, cook veggies (for example onion, zucchini, cabbage and mushrooms), half a mug of grated daikon radish, and 2 teaspoons garlic for 5 minutes until until crisp and tender. Stir in six cups of bone or vegetable broth, one tablespoon of ground cumin, your cooked meat, and salt to taste. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes. Stir in a half cup of freshly chopped herbs, then simmer for five more minutes. Garnish and revel in with lime juice and hemp oil.