Want to make sure too-tight waistbands don't cramp your look during this joyous season? You're in luck: There's a tea for that. Made from dandelion roots, women report the brew can actually dissolve a size or two in a single day. And experts are raving about dandelion tea too: “Studies show it will help reverse many unpleasant negative effects of holiday indulging, including fluid retention, putting on weight and sluggishness”, confirms Atlanta-based integrative physician and Super Woman Rx (Buy on Amazon, $17.47) author Taz Bhatia, MD. 

The caffeine-free drink also slashes levels of belly-fattening stress hormones. “It works quickly, plus triggers lasting changes that set you as much as look and feel your very best for days and weeks to come.” No surprise devotees fondly refer to it as “dandy tea!”

Most people think of dandelions as pesky weeds, but they've been used as medicine for more than a thousand years. Tea made from the main from the plant is better noted for its ability to beat bloat – an issue worsened by all the extra sugar, flour and sodium we have a tendency to consume at the moment of year. “Compounds in dandelion tea prompt your body to naturally release excess fluid”, says North Carolina based herbal therapy expert Bill Rawls, MD, author of Suffered Long Enough. In a single study, a single bag was all it took to flush significant amounts of water weight for 100 percent of adults. Experts agree this effect is why a lot of women experience such dramatic overnight results. Of course, the greater you've indulged, the greater you stand to lose. And that's not all.

Dandy tea won't only assist you to lose water weight. Clinical testing has revealed it energizes the manufacture of enzymes within the liver which help burn off fat faster all night. So any time you drink a cup, metabolism shoots up.

Want longer-lasting benefits? Dandy tea delivers those too! Works out, the tea is packed with compounds that help detox your liver, that is a very good, very energizing, very slimming thing.

“The liver is the body's filter. It may easily become overwhelmed by all the junk we throw in internet marketing – sugar, food additives, pollutants within the environment – and so the organ struggles to carry out its a number of other crucial functions”, explains Dr. Taz. Chief among those functions is regulating levels of almost all our hormones.

Hunger hormones, thyroid hormones, stress hormones, sleep hormones are all impacted. Most notably, “when your liver is sluggish, insulin levels are thrown off, setting you as much as gain stomach fat and putting you at risk for diabetes.”

Speed-cleaning the liver with dandelion teas are this kind of good way to repair the problem, improving insulin levels and promoting greater belly-fat burn immediately and for good. Of course, get a doctors OK prior to trying any new plan. For a dandelion tea we like, do this one from Traditional Medicinals (Buy on Amazon, $3.95).

In accessory for all those benefits, Korean scientists determined dandelion boosts immunity and reduces fatigue. “Basically, when you get rid of toxins and other junk held in the center of the body, everything begins to work and feel good,” says Dr. Rawls. “It's like cutting off the ball and chain stopping you moving forward from optimal health.”