Many us can’t get our day started without a minumum of one cup of coffee. However you like to prepare it, it’s the perfect pick-me-up each morning. Obviously, we know it’s not necessarily healthy to include in several sweeteners and creamers to your cup of joe, although not everyone’s tastebuds can handle the bitter flavor by itself.

Good news: You don’t need to drink your coffee black in order to get health benefits from this. In fact, adding a spoonful of yummy powered cocoa to your morning coffee will help speed up your metabolic process and assist you to lose weight fast!

Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

We tend to just use cocoa powder when baking sweet treats like brownies or preparing hot cocoa on your own. Although it’s commonplace ingredient for those cheat day recipes, it also happens to be healthy for you. A study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research suggests an antioxidant found in cocoa called polyphenol helps regulate metabolism and reduce chronic inflammation.

Similarly, chocolates is definitely praised as the healthiest type to consume because it’s higher in polyphenol. Research published in the journal Phytotherapy Research supports this as it’s been found to prevent and manage excess weight gain.

Additionally, polyphenol helps protect against signs of aging and promote good heart health. So with one of these health advantages, it’s clear you are able to ditch every other add-ins making cocoa powder the brand new go-to inside your morning cup of coffee.

The Best Cocoa Powder for Coffee

When you’re in the baking aisle of the store, there will be several brands to select from and it can tempting to try all of them. Instead, look for an unsweetened variety, like 365 by Whole-foods Market Organic Powered cocoa (Buy on Amazon, $6.75), which isn't only healthier it has a richer, more serious chocolatey flavor.