Anna Esterline yawned, struggling against a few hours slump. She tried to talk herself out of a sugary snack, but she knew her fifth-graders needed her to be on her toes. Going for a bite of the mini bag of chips, she sighed. I feel like I'm on the hamster wheel and that i can't leave!

Burdened by unwanted weight and blood-sugar swings from as being a prediabetic, Anna always found herself needing a nap and a triple espresso toward the center of your day. Anna's doctor had prescribed metformin for her high blood sugar and also to help with the signs of PCOS and endometriosis, but she didn't feel better.

In fact, Anna felt like her health was unraveling. So when her sister, Sara Gottfried, M.D., developed her low-carb “Younger” program, Anna agreed to be considered a guinea pig and check out it. She liked that it included berberine, a plant-based supplement that help cells become more receptive to insulin, and Anna started going for a 500 mg. capsule 30 minutes before a meal.

After 1 week, Anna's cravings were gone, and within fourteen days, her pants felt looser after shedding Ten pounds! Delighted, Anna watched her fasting blood sugar fall from 105 to 70.

After nine months, Anna was 40 pounds lighter and hasn't had any problems with her PCOS or endometriosis since. “Best of all, I have been able to maintain my energy and weight loss for years – even throughout the pandemic!” she smiles. “I feel and look much better than Used to do in my 30s, and I feel comfortable knowing I'm using berberine as opposed to a pharmaceutical drug.” Ever an instructor, she says: “It's simple to improve your current circumstances with only one change!”

What Berberine Can perform For You