“How are your feet, Mom?” asked Char Dickte's daughter Diane, worry in her voice. Char sighed into her cellphone. Her pre-diabetes had triggered nerve pain that made everything below her ankles feel like it was burning. “I can't get my shoes on anymore,” she confessed. “I almost never go out.”

Sadness washed within the Arizona retiree. Following the call ended, Char shifted and shifted again, not able to get comfortable. When you do not find time for your wellbeing, this is exactly what happens, she snapped at herself. At 71 years of age and 279 pounds, it had not been just her feet – she'd battled lymphoma and had knee replacements, fibromyalgia, and soaring blood pressure. So instead of enjoying time together with her 16 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she was trapped around the couch. Suddenly she wondered: Is it past too far that i can change?

Char acquired her laptop and Googled “pre-diabetic neuropathy” – the reputation for her foot issue. She was stunned to get countless hits. Reading nonstop for the following couple of hours, she found herself joining Facebook groups that offered support and advice. I had no idea changes towards the way you consume could help, she thought, scanning posts. One word kept appearing: keto. Everyone was saying it eased or perhaps eliminated neuropathy symptoms, lowered blood sugar, and melted stubborn fat.

Char felt a whisper of hope…until the memories of countless failed diets came flooding back. There'd been coffee fasts, low-fat plans, shakes, fads, groups. Even if she would be a young mom, every ounce she shed appeared to return and then some. Over the years, her belly grew just too large, she could no longer cross her arms. How could keto differ? Well, I've only cut calories, never carbs, she thought. And these websites are saying sugar and starch would be the problem. I think there's a chance this might cause me to feel feel good.

What’s the “dirty keto” diet?

As Char did more research on the keto diet, she learned that some folks make use of a “dirty, lazy” version that requires no counting, tracking, fancy ingredients, or complicated menus. Basically, she'd just cut out sugar and starches and replace all of them with any low-carb foods she wanted. I can begin with groceries already in the home, she realized.

The next morning, she made bacon and eggs for breakfast, had tuna salad for lunch, and snacked on deli meat. Dinner was chicken with broccoli for her and potatoes on her husband, Don. This didn't feel much different from how she usually ate, except that her hunger appeared to be less than usual. She kept at it, the days flying by. Her mood and energy were up, and her home monitor showed her sugar was almost normal. When she stepped on the scale following a week, she couldn't stop smiling. That was the simplest 12 pounds I've ever lost!

Encouraged, Char began reading labels in the supermarket. Her usual brands of salad dressing and pasta sauce turned out to be sugar bombs, but she quickly found other options which were just like tasty. And she or he felt a little thrill as she loaded her cart with once-forbidden butter and cream.

It took a few weeks, but soon shopping became a cinch. And not simply because she became acquainted with keto-friendly options, either. “My feet hurt so much less!” she triumphantly revealed to Diane.

How does the “dirty keto” diet work?

The no-stress approach allows you to enjoy any low-carb food you want – pork rinds, nut flour, bunless Big Macs, even crazy keto desserts – without guilt or tracking. And it works the same as a strict keto diet. “You drastically reduce intake of foods that raise blood sugar, so that your body starts turning fat into another fuel called ketones,” explains top YouTube keto expert Ken Berry, MD. This means up to 19 pounds a week disappear, along with many health concerns which are driven by blood-sugar issues.

Years of high-carb eating often wear down little mechanisms that allow the hormone insulin to obtain sugar in cells to lose for energy. Starting around age 50, increasingly more sugar ends up in belly fat cells, that are simple for insulin to “unlock.” The fix: “Stop eating carbs and sugar, and stomach fat will melt away effortlessly,” promises Dr. Berry. In fact, studies show that keto dieters shed three times more stomach fat than other dieters!

What kind of weight loss results are you able to expect?

“I kept feeling better and enjoying my meals, and so i stuck with it. I attempted never fear about the scale,” shares Char, who allowed herself packaged foods, restaurant meals, even pork rinds and whipped cream without guilt.

Did her progress stall at any time? Nope. “I lost 80 pounds in six months!” It was around then, stepping out of the shower, that she got quite a shock. “I glanced down, there they were-my toes!” she laughs. “My belly had shrunk enough which i could finally see them.” She was soon removed her blood pressure medication – all of the her health problems to solve.

Char, who lost 134 pounds within annually, has become 74 and it has been maintaining for 2 years, enjoying her retirement towards the fullest. “I tell everyone, just try dirty keto today. Begin with both feet-even in case your feet hurt. When you begin taking care of yourself, wonderful things happen!”

How are you able to try the “dirty keto” diet?

To follow Char's lead, skip starch and sugar, targeting plenty of fat, protein, and nonstarchy veggies instead. If you want, perk up meals with keto-friendly convenience foods, nut flour, and zero-carb sweeteners. Aim to eat only when hungry and also to stop when you start to feel full. Find out more at DirtyLazyKeto.com. Of course, get a doctor's okay to try any new diet.

Breakfast: Top a keto bagel (such as the options at GreatLowCarb. com and ThinSlimFoods. com) with butter, cheese, eggs, and bacon.

Lunch: Toss shredded rotisserie chicken and any keto toppings you want with your favorite salad veggies and full-fat, low-sugar dressing.

Snack: Season sour cream having a no-sugar-added spice blend (for example Old Bay) and revel in it as dip with sliced non-starchy veggies.