Christina Jordan flushed red like a Disneyland employee announced to her and everyone else in earshot, “Ma'am, you will need to exit the ride. You're too large to suit the safety belt requirements.” As Christina fled the scene, she made a vow to herself: I am done feeling so out of control!

Christina hadn't needed this wake-up call. She was already knowledgeable that her body was going haywire as she wrestled having a sluggish thyroid that had progressed to hypothyroidism, diabetes and extreme fatigue. Actually, she spent most of her time feeling exhausted through the extra 100-plus pounds she was carrying, but her doctors and fitness trainers were baffled as to why she wasn't losing weight, regardless of how much she slashed her calorie intake.

At her breaking point, Christina did her very own research and discovered something that startled her: She required to eat more… not less.

She realized, also learning that foods containing iodine, omega-3 fats along with a mineral called selenium could help heal her thyroid.

Responsible for keeping the thyroid working optimally, selenium is necessary for that body to transform inactive thyroid hormone in to the active, metabolism-revving form. Plus, the mineral includes a protective impact on a thyroid problem, so selenium deficiencies may cause the defense mechanisms to attack its very own organs, specifically the thyroid. Without enough selenium, fatigue, weight gain and blue moods set in, just as Christina have been experiencing.

Inspired, Christina made the changes, including selenium-rich foods like spinach and apples to her diet, and in just a month, she'd shed 37 pounds.

By 6 months, she was off her thyroid medications, and within nine months, her car's seatbelt, which she once struggled to wrap across her size-22 belly, could easily fit round her size-4 figure.

“Learning to build a proper relationship with food saved my entire life,” mom of three cheers.

Inspired, Christina returned to school to become a nutritionist and help women like her connect to the healing nutrition strategies which had changed her life.

And when Christina's younger sister, Teresa Lane, was diagnosed with hypertension and pre- diabetes, she turned to Christina for help. A single mom, Teresa had survived a great deal – from abuse to divorce to ovarian cancer. But now, her weight was putting her lifetime in new danger.

In addition to the brand new diagnoses, she'd been taking the medication Levothyroxine for 15 years.

Teresa followed her sister's advice to consume more regularly – 5 or 6 times daily – concentrating on foods that would help rebalance her hormones, lowering her cortisol and healing her thyroid. She enjoyed dishes with selenium-rich eggs, spinach and chicken.

When Teresa began, she confesses, “I was terrified. I had a lot of doubts about myself.” But within two weeks, she dropped three dress sizes and began to believe her body could be restored.

After 6 weeks, her 12-year-old son, who had not had the opportunity to wrap his arms around Teresa, could touch his wrists during a hug. And in five months, her doctor took Teresa off her medications.