If you hate small portions but want a smaller waist, Dr. Neal Barnard comes with an anti-diabetes breakthrough might be your ideal diet. “We're using food to protect and restore health – and the payoff is huge, particularly if you have or are in chance of type 2 diabetes,” reveals the George Washington University researcher and world-renowned expert on plant-based eating.

In fact, people are reversing blood-sugar issues and losing massive amounts of weight Up to 12 pounds every week – while eating their fill of pancakes, corn chips, bread, pasta, and even frozen desserts. “We've tested this approach on lots of people,” reports Dr. Barnard, “and we hear two things again and again: 'I can't believe how easy it is' and 'I had no idea I could feel this good!'”  

Neal Barnard, MD, says his food prescription is straightforward: Build all of your meals and snacks from plant foods, emphasizing options low in fat and rich in fiber. “Your staples will be vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, beans, and peas,” he states. Dress them track of extras like tomato sauce or hummus, a little maple syrup or wine. 

Small levels of fat-rich plants like avocado, nuts, and olives are fine. But, specifically if you have weight to get rid of, avoid pure oil altogether. Additionally you stay away from all animal foods, including eggs and dairy. Dr. Barnard says the options are endless and the portions really are unlimited. “Try it for 10 days and see how you do. My hope is you'll such as the results so much, you will want to stick with it for good.”

How it Works

Thanks to breakthrough technology called magnetic resonance spectroscopy, scientists are now able to peek inside individual cells. Yale researchers while using technique discovered that “there are microscopic fat particles accumulating in our muscle and liver cells – also it revolutionized our knowledge of obesity and diabetes,” Dr. Barnard says. “These particles block the hormone insulin because it attempts to get sugar into cells to be burned for energy.” 

It's the root reason for insulin resistance and prediabetes – problems that leave cells literally starving for fuel even as large amounts of sugar go unburned and turn out to be fat. “Your pancreas begins making extra insulin to force sugar into blocked cells,” explains the doc. “Eventually it can't continue, and type 2 diabetes develops.” 

Here's Dr. Barnard's great news: A low-fat plant-based diet quickly eliminates fat particles, and “your cells essentially wake up and begin burning calories much faster than before. Energy also increases. Mood improves. And blood sugar levels issues, includ- ing full-blown diabetes type 2, improve and may even go away.”

Why is really a plant-based diet the best way to unclog cells? For starters, plant foods are not as likely to become fat particles in the first place. A British study showed that people that avoid animal products end up getting almost 50 % fewer fat particles compared to meat eaters of the same age and the body weight. Dr. Neal Barnard adds that saturated fats from animal products continuously creates more fat particles. “A low-fat plant-based diet has hardly any saturated fats, so your body is in a position to burn the fat particles, and then they are not replaced,” he says. It's the reason his recent study discovered that folks allowed

How to complete It

Simply construct your meals around veggies, fruit, whole grains and beans. Enjoy other low-fat, unprocessed plant foods freely; limit amount of higher-fat plant foods and skip animal products altogether. For more great tips and inspiration, take a look at Dr. Barnard's site, PCRM.org. We also love DrMcDougall.com and EatPlant-Based.com. Always get a doctor's okay to test any new plan – especially if you take insulin or sulfonylureas.

A Sample Day

Breakfast – Banana Pancakes: In blender, blitz 1 banana, 11/2 cups oat flour, 1 cup nut milk, and dash cocoa. Cook in pan with cooking spray. Top with syrup.

Lunch – Easy Pasta Salad: Toss cooked whole-grain pasta together with your pick of beans, chopped veggies and herbs; enjoy with low-fat vinaigrette.

Snacks – Nibble on any low-fat plant-based foods you want, such as baked corn chips with salsa or whole-grain cereal with nut milk and fruit.