When you are looking at weight loss, a healthy diet plan is the most important aspect. By looking into making small changes to your lifestyle and eating routine, weight reduction doesn’t need to be an unhealthy obsession! Here are 10 easy, low-maintenance, and effective ways to slim down without exercise.

Go to sleep earlier.

Studies reveal that when you're sleepy you've got a bigger appetite. When tired or sleep deprived you produce more ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite.

When the sun sets, dim your lights or avoid looking at your phone. Nowhere light could keep you awake for longer. By dimming the lights earlier the body will begin producing melatonin – the sleepy hormone. This will help fall asleep easier.

Take your coffee black or skip the sugars in your tea.

Coffee and tea are consumed by most people regularly. Instead of adding calorie filled additives like sugar, cream, or sweeteners, maybe consider using non-dairy milk or semi-skimmed milk and eliminate the sugars.

According to a study in the journal Public Health, taking your coffee black can help you save nearly 500 calories per week, as 60 % of those calories come from sugar. Removing the sugar is an easy way to save in your usage of calories.

Drink lots of water.

Sometimes whenever you feel your tummy grumble it is not because you are hungry, but thirsty instead. Exactly the same a part of our brain controls our thirst and hunger and may sometimes mix up the signals.

If you retain a water bottle on hand and sip all day long you'll be less inclined to snack or feel pangs of hunger.

Buy only healthy snacks to help keep in the house and tote around on the go.

If you are hungry, don't hold back until your next meal when you are starving. Consume a healthy snack and will also enable you to eat smaller portions at dinner or lunchtime. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity reveal that those who wind up going a long time without eating anything are more likely to consume more calories during their next meal.

The reason behind this is that when you're hungry, the body automatically switches to starving mode and stores body fat. It'll increase your hunger hormones and then leave you starving for your next meal.

Snacks like low sugar granola bars, fruit, raw vegetables, and spiced roasted chickpeas are great at keeping your hunger at bay on the go. This will help you not to grab junk food if you're starving and on-the-go.

Keep chopped fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

Arrange your healthy snacks for example sliced fruit and veggies, hummus, olives, and protein-rich foods to the front of the fridge and on the center shelf. If these snacks are pre-prepared as well as on your eye-line, you will be more prone to grab them!

Have a minumum of one meatless meal each day.

To lose weight without exercise, you will have to be in a calorie deficit and cutting out meat in one meal each day will help you keep underneath the calorie threshold. Researchers have discovered that those who eat a vegetarian high protein meal consume 12 % fewer calories than those who consume meat. High-protein plant-based goods are foods for example chickpeas, lentils, beans, tofu, and tempeh.

Cut out sugary foods.

Drinking fizzy drinks and eating sugary foods make you feel hungrier. Making an effort to cut out sugary beverages, processed baked goods, and treats will help you stay under a calorie deficit.

Cutting out sugar can be difficult as it is so addictive. If you have a sugar craving, reach out for top percentage dark chocolate or fruit. A great healthy sweet treat is banana ice cream. Just freeze some peeled bananas and set them in a blender having a dash of milk and some chocolate powder and you've got yourself a healthy creamy treat.

Eat more protein-rich foods.

Eating protein-rich foods can help keep you fuller for longer. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition discovered that eating a protein-packed breakfast can help manage your appetite throughout the day. Foods like eggs, chickpeas, or perhaps a protein shake will keep you full until lunchtime.

Reduce how big your plate or bowl.

It's natural to fill up your plate! Instead of using a plate that is 12 inches wide, try to stick to smaller plates that exist nine or 10 inches. That way you'll have the appearance that you've a full plate but with less piled on! Cornell University researcher Brain Wansink, PhD, states that you can cut about 23 percent from the amount you serve yourself. “It is a mindlessly good way to cut things down.” This is an good way to control your portion sizes and lose weight.

Mind your TV habits.