If a meal that sticks to your ribs and shrinks your waist sounds good at the moment, there is a delicious new breakfast trend you've gotta try. “Adding superfood mix-ins to oatmeal has become very popular, and it takes this extraordinarily healthful whole grain to a totally new level”, says Yale-trained healthy aging expert Nicholas Perricone, MD, bestselling author of Forever Young (Buy on Amazon, $16.95) and The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet (Buy on Amazon, $14.95). 

Turns out, pairing ingredients like coconut, flax, and even cookie-flavored protein powder using the special fiber in oats works weight-loss wonders. Experts and regular folks alike say a bowlful each morning slashes appetite all day and prompts fat to burn really fast. 

Oatmeal can perform pretty amazing things by itself. Case in point: Oats really are a top source of resistant starch, “a fiber-like compound that's the unsung hero of weight control,” insists Dr. Perricone. “Studies on resistant starch show one serving speeds the rate at which the body burns fat by more than 20 % to have an amazing 24 hours!”

As if that weren't impressive enough, new research by British and Chinese scientists discovered that type 2 diabetics who enjoy one cup of oats daily not just lose weight quickly, they trigger a 200 percent rise in belly-fat burning all while helping you keep blood sugar stable. The reason?

According to LSU researcher Candida Rebello, PhD, oats have a jackpot of beta-glucan, a type of fiber that creates a sticky barrier inside us, trapping nutrients for approximately 10 hours and releasing them very slowly and from deep within the digestive tract. It is a trick proven to shrink appetite by 400 calories and shift hormones so ab flab quickly turns to energy.

How to Make Superfood Oatmeal

How big may be the boost you get in the right toppings on oatmeal? Huge! One of the hottest options is coconut oil. Turns out, it's packed with MCT fatty acids. MCTs produce a blast of heat as they digest, turbocharging metabolism, says Dr. Perricone. This effect benefits midsections most: Columbia University scientists discovered that MCTs increase belly-fat burn by a whopping 600 percent! And if coconut's not your lifestyle, don't worry: Even picky eaters rave about fun protein powder flavors! Per University of Arkansas research, they deliver the perfect dose of proteins to double the speed where women older than 50 burn off fat. 

We've rounded up more fat-incinerating oatmeal toppers below. There's even a turbocharged oatmeal cookie recipe for you to try! All you have to do is make an option that appeals to you-and watch the magic happen.

4 Superfood Oatmeal Ingredients to Try

To trigger weight reduction without ruining your holiday fun, experts suggest 1 cup of cooked oats with 2 -3 areas of these “turbo toppings” each day. Beyond that, go for unprocessed fare as often as possible-and savor your food, aiming to stop eating when lightly full. Happy slimming!


Loma Linda University scientists discovered that almond-rich diets stimulate 62% excess fat loss and trigger key benefits of the keto diet without cutting carbs!


The juicy gems' potent antioxidants have been shown to suppress appetite, block fat absorption, improve blood sugar and speed metabolism.


Italian scientists discovered that MCT fatty acids in coconut amp up metabolism by 200 percent for six hours after we eat. For an extra creamy treat, try coconut milk.