Wouldn't it's so excellent to enjoy your preferred comfort foods without gaining an ounce? You can! With these proven tricks, you'll never feel deprived.

Imagine eating more.

Folks who imagined tasting M&M's for some seconds before they started eating them ended up consuming about half the amount as those who didn't – without realizing it! Carnegie Mellon University researchers say imagining a food before eating it hijacks neural pathways and tricks the mind into thinking you've already indulged! The secret: Don't merely call up an image of a treat; instead think about actually eating it, bite-for-bite, not less than five seconds before you decide to benefit from the genuine thing.

Talk to yourself like this.

The the next time you're tempted to break your healthy-eating resolve, do this: Say your first name accompanied by the saying “What do you want to eat?” People who tried this psychological trick – called “distanced self-talk”- made healthier food choices each time, say University of Michigan researchers. “Referring to yourself within the third person, like you're speaking with a buddy, zooms you out of trouble of the immediate desires and enables you to see the bigger picture,” says Tasha Holland-Kornegay, Ph.D., L.P.C., founder of WellnessIRL.com. That instantly breaks the spell of temptations, banishing cravings.

Fiddle together with your phone.