Driving home from her doctor's office, Dot Thompson couldn't stop thinking about the alarming news he'd just delivered after running several tests: “You're prediabetic, as well as in 2 to 3 years, you will be taking insulin,” he predicted. Dot's mind immediately turned to her father, who had died at
79 years of age from complications from diabetes type 2. Basically don't do something about my weight, I will be on the right track for congestive heart failure, much like my dad, she worried as she drove.

Overweight since she was 19 years old, Dot had tried nearly every kind of diet out there, but nothing worked. She'd been taking medication for high blood pressure since she was in her 30s, and she was affected by insomnia, acid reflux, and back and knee pain. “I couldn't even walk to my mailbox without being in pain,” she shares.

Everything changed, however, when Dot browse the book Why We Get Fat: And What to complete About It by science writer Gary Taubes (Buy on Amazon, $8.87), and discovered the ketogenic diet. “What I read really clicked with me. I finally remarked that the important thing to weight reduction and health wasn't about sticking to a list of 'approved' foods, which I could never sustain,” explains Dot. “I needed to know how my body system reacted when I ate particular foods, like those full of carbohydrates.”

Following the book's advice, Dot cut out carbs and began filling up leafy green vegetables, fatty cuts of meat including brisket, steak and lamb as well as dark-meat chicken using the skin on and eggs cooked with butter. She also exchanged sugary sodas for water and began snacking on “fat bombs” to shift fat burning into high gear.

These decadent low-carb snacks deliver a concentrated dose of healthy fats, including coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut cream, nut butter, cream cheese or grass-fed butter. Dot's favorite fat bombs were strawberry cheesecake bites and peanut butter cups made with 100 percent chocolates, coconut oil, butter, and peanut butter.

“After I ate a fat bomb, I'd an instantaneous burst of one's, and that i may go hours without eating!” she cheers. “Enjoying them like a treat between meals also made me feel that I wasn't deprived.”

It didn't take long for Dot's body. to respond to these changes: She lost give pounds a week, plus her acid reflux disappeared after seven days, and she or he was able to stop taking the over-the-counter antacids she'd relied on for relief.

“My sleep improved too,” she shares. “I accustomed to only get two to four hours of sleep a night, however I recieve about seven a night.” Fast-forward twelve months: Dot was 75 pounds lighter, plus she'd reversed her pre-diabetes and blood pressure, and with the support of her doctor, she was able to stop taking medications for blood pressure level. “My doctor said he had never seen someone make a turnaround that fast!”

Now that her weight isn't holding her back, Dot couldn't be
happier or more active. She even discovered a newfound love of fitness. “I've already completed several 5K races and a mud race,” says Dot. “Now I'm practicing a 10K, and after that, let me complete a marathon!

Today, rather than shopping in plus-size stores, Dot can buy new clothing anywhere. “My friends urged me to test clothes that were flattering on my small new figure,” recalls Dot of 1 grocery shopping. “When I put on a pair of jeans the very first time, I looked within the mirror and cried tears of joy. Personally i think like I could do anything!”

How Keto Cures Heartburn

Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville discovered that. when study subjects switched to some diet high in healthy fats and lower in sugar and simple carbohydrates, they experienced dramatic improvement in their heartburn symptoms. In fact, after 10 weeks, 100 % of ladies within the study had no burning, nausea, or other discomfort. The investigators theorize that sugar and simple carbs stimulate gut hormones that release gastric acid, which travels up into the throat, triggering heartburn.