Looking for any no-fuss method to shed weight? Then we've got the perfect detox for you personally. Developed by 110-pounds-slimmer Sara Borgstede for her blog TheHolyMess.com, the gist is that this: For three days, you eat only options found on Weight Watchers' ZeroPoint foods list. That's all there's to it. The list is free whether you belong to the audience or not, and you don't have to track or measure anything – just eat your fill of ZeroPoint pancakes, chili, even burgers. “It's a means I came across to kick-start my very own weight loss, and that i thought it might be nice to talk about,” says Sara, 48. “At first, I was shocked by how many people were interested.” But given that women report dropping as much as five pounds a day, it's no wonder word is spreading fast!

There are a lot of stuff that result in the ZeroPoint food list special. For starters, it's long. Weight Watchers – now officially called WW – has packed it using more than 200 foods to give folks plenty of freedom as they work toward wellness goals. “I love ZeroPoint foods simply because they allow you to consume a large amount without having to consider it,” says Sara. “And the results are exciting. My zero-point plan helps me slim down faster today than when I first went on Dieters!”

Experts are equally enthusiastic. “Everything you'll need for healthy weight loss is out there. Fiber and antioxidants from fruit and veggies, good fat from seafood, high-quality protein from yogurt and poultry,” notes Borgstede.

The Detox

To make use of this detox, simply eat your fill of ZeroPoint foods, including virtually any minimally processed fruit, nonstarchy veggie, corn, beans, plain nonfat yogurt, eggs, seafood or poultry. (Look for a list at WeightWatchers.com. Add spices and herbs freely; drink plenty of water. If desired, include coffee, tea and zero-cal sweeteners in moderation. Of course, get a doctor's okay to test any new plan.

Breakfast: Enjoy eggs, any style, having a side of your favorite veggies roasted with cooking spray and seasoning to taste.

Lunch: Brown 1 lb. ground chicken; add 1 can tomatoes, 1 can beans, 6 oz. tomato paste and 1 Tbs. chili powder; simmer 15 minutes.

Snack: Rinse and dry 1 can chickpeas. Mist with cooking spray, toss with seasoning; bake on the lined sheet at 400oF Forty-five minutes; stir twice.

Dinner: Roast chicken (no skin) and veggies with herbs; serve with steamed cauliflower mashed with Greek yogurt and salt.

Robert James Malcolm III, M.D., a Pennsylvania gastroenterologist who recommends ZeroPoint foods to patients hoping to get lean and achieve overall a healthy body. “There's even nutrient-packed starch from beans and corn! This is not a low-carb list or a deprivation list. It is a smart list.” And that's why weight loss is so impressive.

No Limits, Big Losses

All ZeroPoint foods are natural or very minimally processed – and exciting studies suggest that's their superpower. Throughout a massive study made to determine whether low-carb or low-fat diets work best, Stanford University scientists analyzed thousands of food logs only to discover carb and fat content didn't matter whatsoever. Instead, participants who find the fewest junk foods lost up to 60 pounds and experienced significant improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure, while those who chose more processed options gained up to 20 pounds. No one counted calories either-when they ate whole-foods, they lost big.

Why are whole foods so effective? Because the Stanford team notes, they don't contain ingredients shown to drive hunger, like refined sugar, flour, salt and processed oils. By contrast, “whole foods boost fiber and other nutrients that prompt us to consume less,” notes Dr. Malcolm.