Wish you had more pep in your step and less jiggle in your middle? You might wish to give your liver just a little nudge. “Eating to improve liver function can boost energy, enhance overall wellness, and stimulate weight loss – often in less than two weeks,” reveals Ian K. Smith, M.D., host of TV's syndicated The Doctors and author of the dozen bestselling diet books.

Our favorite part: Dr. Ian's liver detox regimen simply calls for enjoying moderate portions of natural foods, by having an emphasis on lean protein and veggies. “It's easy to do and extremely effective,” he promises. New information backs him up: While testing an approach similar to Dr. Ian's, European scientists discovered that it quickly rejuvenates a stalled liver, prompting the organ to start burning extra fat 16 times faster. No wonder Dr. Ian's devotees transform their own health as they shed pounds effortlessly!

Dr. Ian says our liver can perform wonderful things. “It filters everything that comes into the body, gets rid of the items that may damage us, makes nutrients and medicines absorbable, helps regulate blood sugar levels and hormones, arms the immune system – plus many other roles,” he notes. Problem is, modern life puts so much demand around the organ, it often can't keep up. And when the liver struggles, virtually every facet of health suffers.

One particularly troublesome effect: Fat metabolism slows. As that happens, weight gain isn't even the big issue. “The liver begins to become clogged with unburned fat, causing the organ being inflamed and it is function to slow much more,” notes Dr. Ian. “Symptoms like fatigue, weight gain and diabetes in many cases are blamed on other factors, and the problem worsens and worse.” Luckily, a few good choices at mealtime can change everything around.

The Liver Detox That Works

“Forget about supplement-based 'liver detoxes' the thing is on the web. They're unnecessary and may be unsafe. You will get much better results with ordinary supermarket food,” the doc insists. The first thing to you should get some shopping list for Dr. Ians liver detox: protein. Choose plant sources, chicken, steak – any unprocessed variety you want. Experts have long known protein- rich foods boost metabolism and flood the body with healing proteins.

And the most recent findings from the German Institute of Human Nutrition show that diets with 30 % from the calories from protein have a perfect dose of compounds that bind with fat in the liver, making it dramatically more likely to be burned. “Larger studies are needed, but when these answers are confirmed, this can be a game changer,” says Dr. Ian, who shares his healthy-liver strategies in The Clean 20. To hit the protein sweet spot, let a totally free app like My Fitness Pal perform the diet math for you personally. Or simply strive for a palm-size serving of protein at meals and small protein-rich snacks.

Bonus Boosters

Dr. Ian loves beans, which blend high-quality protein with lots of fiber. “Fiber helps neutralize toxins, reducing the liver's workload therefore it can heal,” he says. “You also want to stick to unprocessed foods, which put far less force on your liver than processed junk.” And try to eat your veggies, he adds. Most varieties are filled with liver-enhancing nutrients. That's particularly true of broccoli, cauliflower and kale; they're the richest food sources of indole, an ingredient so great at decreasing fat accumulation and inflammation in the liver, Texas A&M scientists recommend it as a treatment for liver disease.

Worth noting: Protein-rich dieters within the German study kept calories below 1,600 daily, a method Dr. Ian also recommends. Why? Because eliminating extra fat just happens faster if you do not overload your body with new fuel.

How to complete Dr. Ian Smith’s Liver Detox

This liver-boosting twist on Dr. Ian's Clean 20 plan's simple: All meals are about 400 calories and can include a serving of lean protein, lots of non-starchy veggies along with a little good fat (such as olive oil or avocado). Incorporate two daily areas of fruit, one or two small servings of whole grains and three protein-rich 125-calorie snacks. Drink plenty of water, plus moderate levels of liver-boosting coffee and green tea. Aim to eat all your food between 9 AM and 7 PM daily. As always, get the doctor's okay to try any new plan.

Breakfast – 1 cup 2 percent Greek yogurt layered with 1/2 cup of berries or any fresh sliced fruit and a pair of Tbs. of your favorite nuts; if desired, drizzle with 2 tsp. honey.

Lunch – 1 pouch tuna, 1 cooked egg, 1 tomato, 1/2 cooked red potato, 5 olives, cooked green beans, onion and lettuce with 1/2 Tbs. olive oil, vinegar and herbs to taste.

Snack – Three times a day, have a serving of something protein-rich – like 1 Tbs. nut butter, 1/2 cup edamame or 1 cup milk- with a serving of fruit or veggie sticks.