Natural health guru Kellyann Petrucci, N.D., makes a name for herself with powerful cleanses that slim and heal. “But I'm always looking for ways to make them even more powerful,” she says. “So I began researching konjac, a root that grows in Asia. I quickly realized its incredible health insurance and weight-loss benefits.” After adding powdered konjac to her signature soups and smoothies, “I had some patients help me test drive it. I was all amazed.”

Women can now use her detox to decrease up to 11 pounds in days while triggering effortless, ongoing fat loss. Bonus: Konjac turbocharges any diet. “In one study, people lost significant weight without changing bad eating habits at all,” notes the best-selling author of Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset (buy on Amazon, $17.79). “And there's additional evidence that konjac improves skin, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and digestion. No matter how you use it, you wind up looking and feeling your absolute best!”

Eaten in Japan for hundreds of years, konjac is a type of yam most commonly utilized in the U.S. to make shirataki noodles. It's also available as a supplement called glucomannan (buy on Amazon, $14.66) and could be blended into liquids and baked goods. Dr. Kellyann says both the noodles and the soup are getting lots of attention nowadays because of keto dieters.

“Konjac compounds are so hard for us to break down that people barely absorb any carbs or calories from them,” she explains. An entire package of konjac noodles has negligible carbs and just 20 calories. “They're basically a totally free food on keto or any diet. And also the supplement is really a zero-cal, zero-carb way to make ordinary foods extraordinary.”

The Konjac Secret

Turns out, the special fiber in konjac acts just like a sponge in the digestive system, sopping up liquids and “reducing the absorption of carbs and cholesterol,” according to Dr. Oz, who featured it in a segment on great ways to slim down. Adds Dr. Kellyann: Konjac fiber “grabs onto 3 times more fat inside your GI tract than everyday fiber does.” So you can simply eat konjac along with other foods – much like your favorite holiday treats! – and lots of of the calories won't count.

There's more: As konjac takes on liquid, it becomes a thick gel that moves slowly through our systems, developing a lasting sense of fullness. Plus, this gel gets in the body's way because it attempts to turn carbs into sugar, a factor that prevents blood-sugar spikes and cravings. “You automatically want less food and end up cutting calories without any feeling of deprivation,” explains Dr. Kellyann.

As on her favorite benefit: “The gel formed by konjac root soothes the gut lining, allowing it to heal. Now that we know that the inflamed gut – which is brought on by junk food and stress – results in body-wide inflammation and is one of the greatest reasons for weight gain and many other health issues,” she says.

“Soothe your gut, and you start trading for weight control and wellness over the long haul.” Dr. Kellyann adds that konjac is a perfect detox ingredient because its fiber actually attaches to toxins and helps have them from your system. “It's like a conveyor belt,” she says. “Get more konjac in your body, and the toxins and excess fat come out!”

The Konjac Keto Detox

For those motivated to lose quickly, Dr. Kellyann recommends a konjac-spiked keto cleanse such as this. Konjac needs fluid to work, so make sure to drink plenty of water. After five days, gradually expand menus with natural, low-carb foods. Find convenient smoothie, shake, and soup mixes at As always, get a doctor's okay to test any new diet plan.

Lemon Water – Upon waking, sip water (either 70 degrees or warm) with the juice of 1/2 lemon. Dr. Kellyann says this provides nutrients that boost fat loss and prompt the release of bloat.

Super Green Smoothie – Blend 1 cup greens, 1 cup water, 2 Tbs. nut butter or MCT oil, 1 scoop collagen, 1/2 tsp. glucomannan powder, stevia, spices and ice to taste. Enjoy two daily.