Growing evidence, together with a new Duke University study, shows our “metabolism gland” takes a beating in the modern world. In fact, experts estimate that 40 million of us are in serious need of a thyroid boost.

Dr. Oz to save the day! His arsenal of science-backed secrets is proven to jump-start a pokey thyroid, “so you are able to burn more fat, feel more energized, and wake up your metabolism for the first time,” he recently promised on How well do his tips work? Women report using them to fully recharge their health because they shed a pound a day – or even more!

Touch your neck at the bottom of your throat and swallow. Feel a little bump touch your fingers? “That's your thyroid,” Dr. Oz has said. The tiny bump churns out hormones that control numerous cellular and organ functions – and when we don't have enough thyroid hormones, the speed at which we turn calories into energy slows, as do systems that control everything from hair regrowth to heartbeat. 

“Stress, everyday toxins, poor nutrition, even chronic dieting can all allow it to be hard for the thyroid to function properly,” notes Kent Holtorf, MD, head from the National Academy of Hypothyroidism. “No matter what shape you're in now, there are only upsides to taking better proper care of your thyroid.”

Get a Thyroid Boost

Dr. Holtorf provides a big thumbs-up to Dr. Oz's latest thyroid boost strategies, which, he states, are both potent and oh-so practical in real life.

Upgrade your breakfast.

“One thing you need every day is 30 grams of protein to fire up your thyroid,” Dr. Oz said. Eggs and turkey sausage or a smoothie with protein powder is going to do the secret nicely. Works out, proteins are a building block of thyroid hormones – along with a high-protein breakfast can increase amounts of thyroid hormones. It also helps keep hunger down all day!

Skip the rough stuff.

When Dr. Oz's daughter Zoe developed thyroid issues, her dad coached her to trade foods that are often highly inflammatory, like ultra-processed fare, wheat, and dairy, for anti-inflammatory foods, like veggies, fruit, nuts, seafood, spices, and healthy fats. Dr. Holtorf explains that inflammatory foods trigger the discharge of chemicals that block cells' capability to use thyroid hormones. Dr. Holtorf adds that as inflammation subsides, thyroid hormones perk up nicely, boosting calorie burn by about 500 calories each day!

Go for that smart salt.

Dr. Oz has called iodine “the key ingredient you need for your thyroid.” We can't make the thyroid hormones without them – and that is the reason it has been put into table salt since the 1920s. Quite a few us don't get an adequate amount of the nutrient. 

One reason: The popularity of gourmet salt (like kosher salt and sea salt) means as much as 80 % of what we shake on our food “no longer has iodine added to it,” Dr. Oz reported. Making matters worse, common toxins (which Duke scientists found hiding in the most common household dust) can prevent iodine from being absorbed. Luckily, adding just a little “ordinary” salt back into your diet is typically all it takes to restore producing thyroid hormones. Dr. Oz's Rx: “A pinch of iodized table salt every single day.”

Bonus: Selenium is another nutrient essential to thyroid function, helping activate the hormones. Dr. Holtorf says there's even evidence it helps fight autoimmune thyroid conditions. The best source? Brazil nuts. Dr. Oz recently tweeted: “Eat two Brazil nuts each day for thyroid health.”

Thyroid Boost Sample Menu

To amp your “metabolism gland” Dr. Oz's way, trade inflaming fare (processed food, wheat, and dairy) and give your thyroid a lift with inflammation-soothing options (like lean protein, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, glutenfree grains, and healthy fat). 

Also, give a daily pinch of iodized salt! As always, get a doctor's okay to try any new plan. Experiencing putting on weight, fatigue, hair loss, cold feet? Ask to possess your thyroid checked; you may need prescription meds to protect your wellbeing.

Breakfast – 3 eggs any style with a pinch of iodized salt and 1 oz. turkey sausage; enjoy by having an optional side of greens sautéed in coconut oil along with a serving of fruit.

Lunch – Enjoy a hearty salad piled with seasonal toppings like roasted butternut squash and pomegranate seeds. Add vinaigrette and grilled chicken, too, if you want.

Snack – Take your pick of celery with nut butter, One to two Brazil nuts, veggies with guacamole, or seaweed snacks (a tasty supply of iodine; find 'em within the Asian food section).

Dinner – Grass-fed steak, roasted asparagus or green beans and cauliflower mashed with clarified butter, coconut milk, and seasoning to taste.