You and your best friend are on the same wavelength. But it's easy to let work, family, social networking, and Netflix create some distance between the two of you. Whether your bestie is going through a breakup or other hardships, or else you just want to show her how much you care, here are seven different ways to show your best friends some love:

1. Help them with a dreaded chore.

Gifts like plants and jewelry are fine, however the gift of your time surpasses them all. If you Google “best friend gifts,” you receive 163,000,000 hits in under a second. Save the concerts tickets and ornaments for birthdays and holidays. Instead, offer to assist with something overwhelming that they hates to do. Some people don't know where to get started when it comes to cleaning their property or reorganizing that pesky storage room. Also, if you have a green thumb, help them plant a flower garden. In case your bestie has a problem maintaining that garden, fill it with succulents and plants that don't need much care.

2. Make them dinner.

If your BFF is overwhelmed with work or daily chores or simply feels under the weather, make a meal and take it to her and her family. By bringing her a plate, you will be taking one more thing off her plate. If cooking's not your forte, possess a catered meal delivered.

3. Listen to them.

While you're cleaning out your garden, attic or kitchen together, take the time to share each other's feelings. Active, empathetic listening is a proven relationship booster. We all need someone to listen to our rants. Your best friend is going to know when you're not really listening. Your eyes will glaze over and you'll say “uh huh” without really responding to what she’s saying. But with empathetic listening, you’re engaged in what she’s saying, and it will show. That means absorbing each word and just how she says it. Whenever you react, let her know you understood what she said and follow up with questions. That's how she knows you were not checked out while she was venting. It's also how you let her know she is emotionally safe with you.

4. Create an endorphin high together.

This may appear weird, but singing, dancing, and grooming are all proven to increase social bonds. But it's not just those activities. Researchers say something that gives you and your best friend an endorphin hit will strengthen your bond. So go running, or skydiving, or see a scary movie together.

5. Place their kids for the weekend.

If your friend seems really stressed out, she may just need some time alone. If she's got young kids, treat her for an afternoon at the spa and it'll rejuvenate her. A weekend getaway with her spouse may help her reboot and face challenges which may be weighing on her.

6. Show some tough love.

If you're accustomed to giving it to your BFF straight, you're the best kind of friend there is. A study published in Psychological Science shows many people try to make their friends feel negative emotions – with the belief that it will ultimately enable them to. It's scary to hurt someone's feelings. But if there's an obvious reason why other people you know is having a hard time with something and also you know it's something that might make her upset, you might still take the risk and tell her, for her own good. Just the best friends are willing to tell the cold, hard truth. Showing her tough love could, ultimately, make her life better.

7. Go on a road trip!

The old movie Thelma And Louise immortalized the best friend road trip. Two girlfriends blaze an unlawful path of glory across the desert (and they meet a young Brad Pitt). It's understandable that you should leave the law-breaking a part of Hollywood, but you and your BFF can hit the road. Whether it's a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, cross- country, or perhaps an East Coast jaunt, spending that one-on-one time on adventures is the recipe for showing other people you know lots of love. It comes with an added bonus: lots of #bestfriend Instagram pics!

Your best friend plays a bigger role in your life than you realize. Researchers understand that strong connections with friends and family are both essential for a healthy life. And studies have shown that the older you get, friends may be more important than family. And when you’re a senior citizen, it's your bond together with your best friend that may keep you kicking for many years to come.O