Being in the age of 23 is certainly not but a struggle. Your life is within the gray area since you've just finished college and maybe you just had the first job. You have no idea what will happen in your life ahead and everything appears confusing as you'll attempt to figure out the transition of entering the actual adulthood.

Facing changes and transitions can be challenging for most of us and acceptance is paramount. Thus, here are some ugly truths you need to accept when you're 23:

  1. You'll blame yourself to be stuck and jobless.

Having a full-time job is really a struggle. Don't lose hope and keep on going because nobody has earned a success story without being a jobseeker initially.

  1. You'll face the challenge to adjust to your new workplace.

When you've got your first job, you will learn many new things and realize that you need to start over from the beginning again. Accept the truth that starting over is hard, but it could make you grow wiser.

  1. You'll be separated out of your close friends.

Most of your friends will pursue their testimonials too. Don't worry, your real friends will always be present as each of you will go beyond the miles just to keeping up with each other's lives.

  1. You'll be the one who manages your own financial expenses.

Being at the age of 23 means that you have to hold back your shopping desire. Now, you will know it's hard to earning money while you start to save your income from your first job.

  1. You'll be struggling to get the dream job.

More often than not, your first job is not your ideal or perhaps a dream job. Your first job is a trial for you to really decide what you'll pursue as your career path for the next years ahead.

  1. And you'll understand that there is no such thing like a dream job.

Because you'll realize that every job has its own costs and benefits, though it may be the job that you've really wanted since you were a kid.

  1. You'll have the feeling of getting lost and confused.

You'll realize that you are the one who will make every decision for the life and you have countless possibilities in front of you. It's totally okay for you to feel lost, because who doesn't?

  1. You'll begin to see your friends getting married one by one.

Meanwhile, there you are, sitting and questioning your personal existence in this adulthood world.

  1. You can't decide your passion in everyday life.

Because when you're 23, you're still learning many something totally new and you haven't figured out your real passion yet – and it is okay.

  1. You'll compare your life to others'.

You'll call at your friends who you think are more successful and it will lower your self-esteem. But, you need to remember that nobody's life is as perfect as their Instagram feed.

  1. You'll realize that social media could be toxic.

You may start to hate using social media as everybody is basically just being obsessed with showing off their 'perfect' lives. Guess what? You can uninstall it whenever you want.

  1. You'll need to adjust in the new neighborhood.

Being 23 might mean a new beginning as the first job usually made you progress out from your hometown and being separated with your close relatives.

  1. You'll feel lonely.

Because you're entering the brand new stage of life, which is adulthood. Don't worry, you'll meet a lot of new people out there.

  1. You'll have anxiety that you might make the wrong decisions.

You'll realize that every decision you've made may have their own consequences and having a regret may be the last thing you want to have when you're 23.

  1. And you'll always scared of having failures.

Because those wrong decisions could lead you to failures and it's normal. Ultimately, if you never try, you may never know.

  1. You'll have the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Being 23 is also about having a war within yourself; part of you don't want to leave your own safe place, but the other part is craving for new challenges. Always follow the second one.

  1. You'll need to decrease your expectations.

Your 20's will be full of rejections, failures, and disappointments. Those broken hearts will make you understand that it is important to accept something that life has to offer.

  1. You'll realize that you've some issues to be solved.

As you get older, you'll understand that you have emotional wounds in some places. Sometimes, you'll also feel that you're broken beyond repair.

  1. And you'll realize that you need to always forgive yourself.

You know precisely that those wounds don't mean not a challenge for you to be kind to yourself. Your 20's will educate you on that self-love is the key to survive this life.

  1. You'll realize that your parents are getting older.

As you're busy building your personal life, don't forget that you still have a family that needs to be loved. Don't be too drawn on having a success story; family comes first.

  1. You'll have to accept the loss of many people that you loved.

When you're 23, you'll face separations as numerous people are leaving you behind, having their own lives, or changing into someone you don't recognize. They are moving on and you should too

  1. You'll understand that love is not always beautiful.

As you get older, you'll realize that love isn't as easy as in the movies or songs. Love is hard work. Love is teamwork. Love is being realistic and that's the truth you need to accept.

  1. You'll realize that everybody is struggling.

And don't be concerned, you're doing okay.

At no more the day, no matter how old you're, one ugly truth to always remember is that life should never be easy and it requires hard works. Cheers for our 20's!