I hated cats for the majority of my 20 years. I love dogs; they're so happy and playful and like to just be in your company because life is so precious to them, and so are you. Cats? They only would like your love on their terms. But from a cat of my own,

I. F*cking. Love it.

After adopting my beautiful feline, I learned a thing or two about being a cat person, and that i never thought I'd live to determine the day that I make a list explaining why as being a cat person is the way to go.

1. Your cat embodies your core values.

You hate people? Hey, guess what, so does your cat! Forget about sitting in a puddle of societal loathing when you are able curl up with your cat for about 30 seconds until he/she decides they are not desiring your company any longer.

2. They're so low maintenance.

Cats literally don't need you. That's what makes them so badass. They just want you to feed them and give them a place to relieve themselves, and then they're totally self-sufficient. Sure, that they like your attention, but that's pretty limited considering when they've had enough of your pampering they claw your arm off until you get the hint to leave them alone.

3. If they are being cute, they're REALLY cute.

Dogs will always be cute. I guess that cuteness just becomes expected on the day-to-day basis. But cats rarely demonstrate their affection so when they do, it's like a hairy Christmas! You appreciate their love, and you're feeling accomplished when your feline friend finally teaches you a little TLC.

4. Most people hate them, so it's your duty to give them the advantage of the doubt.

I know this is a shocker, but most people don't like when their pets go through their underwear drawer and throw their panties all over their bedroom so they're hanging from your blinds (and I speak from experience here). If you're patient, it's pretty much a duty to take in this little demon and provide it a loving home. Plus, they'll provide you with a few presents for doing them such a kind service (and by present I am talking about dead mice on your bedroom floor – also speaking from experience).

5. When a cat loves you, he/she will love you with everything in them.

A cat's love is the most rewarding because, contrary to popular belief, they're affectionate and want your love, too. They'll piss you off, they'll make you wonder why you ever thought owning a cat was a good idea, however when they love you, you know it's totally worth it and that he/she is your closest friend in the world. You had to earn their respect and love, just like anyone else would have to earn yours.

I love cuddling with my cat, coming home to a welcoming meow and a sandpaper tongue, and knowing that my little ball of one's has a warm, loving home and lots of attention. My cat is really my child, and every cat lover can tell you the same thing. There's a reason why a lot of women choose cats over men.