With more experience comes more understanding. Your grands lived their very own life, raised their own children, then had a hand in raising you. Of course, friends are a great support system, but you will always feel the most comfort when you seek advice from those who have been there for you every step of the way.

2. You're very picky about whom you allow into your life.  

The support and love your grandparents provide is really special that you won't settle for anything less in other relationships. You might not have many friends, but the ones you need to do hold close are amazing.   Actually, these friends and mentors eventually be your additional brothers, sisters, parents, or family members.  

3. You love deeper than most of your peers.

Your grandparents didn't have to raise you, they made a decision to raise you.  When someone chooses to raise you, you experience unconditional love on the deeper level. This allows you to provide that same love back to others.

4. You're fiercely independent.

Although you received more than enough support and protection from your grandparents while you figured out life, they also taught you their very own brand of fierce independence. Your grands went through some unthinkable situations to help you get where you are. Since you grew up under their influence, you are capable of anything too.

5. You carry their wisdom with you no matter how far you wander.

My grandparents recently died and my sibling moved away from our childhood home. Although my grandparents aren't physically here, when I need advice or connection, my sibling is always a phone call or text away. My grandparents are the first ones I think of when anything happens in my life, no matter the magnitude.

Being partially or fully raised by your grandparents is a unique situation, only one you will always cherish.  If your grandparents raised you, which of these resonate with you the most? Share your stories with us in the comments!