Life is unpredictable and messy. It can drown you in overwhelming feelings that make you run away. You spend a lot of your time putting your love in the people and things around you, but you forget one thing: To place a little bit of love in yourself.

It's sad whenever you offer all of your love to something that is temporary. Learning to love yourself again begins with mourning the fact that you forgot about yourself. Loving yourself again starts with forgiving yourself for everything that happened in the moments before. You put a lot of love into individuals who don't deserve it, a career that may be not what you dreamed of, and experiences that you wish you might take back. And it’s ok that you simply did that. All that love can now be turned inward.

Loving yourself again means knowing what you are. 

If you forgot who that was, find yourself again. Find out what made you so lost and negligent. Knowing yourself means finding out all the dark corners of your soul and figuring out what it all means to you.

Loving yourself means also understanding what you love to do. 

Rediscover a hobby you left out, or find a new hobby that you simply enjoy. Find new experiences to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Make hard decisions. Stop trying to make everyone happy making a decision that is right for you. Cut people out of your life who are toxic and never serving a purpose in your life. Stop binge drinking to forget your problems or postponing going to your therapy appointment. Hard decisions are hard for a reason but making the best decisions for yourself means you already love yourself more than you know.

Loving yourself is setting all your relationships right

Set boundaries and stop letting people get under your skin. Be vulnerable to the chance that the people you want will always be there and that you will attract only individuals who you are meant to be. Make amends and apologize for your wrongdoings. Don't hold people who are near to you for granted. Show up to those who are close to you. Send a text, result in the phone call and be there on their behalf. It will make you love yourself more.

No one ever asserted loving yourself would be easy but everyone says that once you love yourself again that it will be worth it in the end.