Sometimes we make poor decisions or difficult decisions and that we know that there will be people in our way of life who don't understand them. That is simply the reality of the lives we live. However, some people are lucky enough to also realize that there is one person who will consider every perspective before coming to a conclusion. A person who looks at you and also sees the very best in you. Someone who chooses to believe in your ability to make decisions and conquer life, even when you have lost faith in yourself.

This kind of friend is rare and beyond precious. It sometimes takes years for us to even realize the immense length this person has gone to for us. Perhaps you are even this friend to someone you know. What is important is that you take the time now to realize that coming across somebody that possesses pure empathy isn't something to take for granted. They single-handedly make the world a better place.

If anyone is lucky enough to find friends or even one single friend who is like this you already know exactly where I am coming from. If you have found someone who is unbiased and accepting and simply non-judgmental, then take time to thank them and to appreciate them. This letter is for the person in my life who has done this for me, I owe her the world.

To the most accepting and nonjudgmental person, I know:

First of all, thank you for being an outright wonderful individual. I understand now that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a friend like you in their life. You have been there for me through every questionable decision I've ever made and not once made me feel ridiculous for making it. Somehow you usually find a way to guide and encourage me to do the right thing.

Life has taught me that lots of, many people are unreliable and inconsistent. However, you've taught me that there are exceptions towards the rule. I can't describe for you how much easier my life is knowing that no matter what gets thrown my way I've someone that I can truly count and depend on. Even on days when I don't come to you about what is bothering me, just knowing in the back of my head that you're there basically need you is a huge help.

Thinking before you decide to speak is an important quality to learn, it helps us filter through our thoughts making the best possible choices. However, sometimes this can be extremely exhausting. Since the day you arrived to my life, I have had someone who I can be myself around because you accept me for just who I am – completely unfiltered and unashamed.

Thank you to be the very best definition of a true friend. You are the embodiment of love, acceptance, and all that's so wonderful in this world! Never change my friend, because life simply would not be as magical without you in it!