Read this on your worst of days; the days when you don't have the motivation to get out of bed, or the days when your sad and at your lowest point when you'd like to just sleep the pain away instead of face it. Whatever kind of sadness or heartbreak you might be feeling on this day, I might not understand it and I may not be able to relate to it, however i want to help.

The fact that you're reading this means you woke up to determine another day. Not everyone had the chance to see this morning. Even if you awoke to the buzz of dreadful noisy alarms, or maybe to the inconsiderate sounds of your roommate rummaging through the cabinets down the hall, you still had the blessing of waking up. No matter how unbearable today might seem, at least you get to be alive for this and are given the opportunity to allow it to be better.

You are loved by many people. I would bet that you could pick up your phone and call somebody that will be beyond excited to listen to your voice on the other line. Even though you might feel unloved by someone who you want to love you, there's a handful of people who love you without being asked to. These are the people you need to surround yourself with and be focused on. Genuine love should be given freely. It's not something you should have to beg for.

The sun is shining bright and even if it's not today, it will be tomorrow or even the next day. It's no secret that weather can affect a person's mood and emotions. It's much easier to stay in bed and soak up the sadness when the weather outside reflects how you feel: gloomy. Well, I suggest getting a head start on creating the positivity now, so when the sun does decide to come back out you'll be ready to appreciate it.

Time heals everything. The way you are feeling right now is the worst of it. From this sentence on, you'll start to feel better. At least, that is my hope. I am not saying it will happen quickly. The modification may occur so gradually that one day you may realize you're no more sad, and I guarantee now you'll be overcome with a sense of pride and strength. You probably did it, even when days, weeks, years ago, you felt as though you'd never be able to feel genuinely happy again.

Congratulations! You are officially stronger than yesterday. You will possibly not feel it yet, however, you will. I'm not talking about physical strength; I'm referring to mental strength. You've successfully survived one of life's curve balls, obstacles or bumps in the road that was sent the right path. As unfortunate as the obstacle may have been, you're going to grow from it and it's going to shape you. Take the time to allow this mishap, heartbreak, or whatever the source of your sadness may be to transform you into a better person than you were before. I like to call this a second chance at personal growth. Not everyone gets this kind of chance so go, run with it, and do good by using it.

The older we get, the more we appear to realize the meaning behind the phrase “life isn't easy.” When we're younger, we hear the saying uttered and it goes right over our heads, however I'm sure we've all encountered times when it seems to be shoved within our faces to the point of which it can't be ignored. The obstacles in life are unavoidable, but what is avoidable are the negative effects we can allow these troubles to have on ourselves and our spirits. Regardless, these events will shape you and also alter you but it's your choice to decide in which ways. Will you use the adversity to grow into a better version of yourself or will you let it set you back while you accept defeat? I think you know the right answer, and I'm cheering yourself on.