It's easy to become very preoccupied with tasks and responsibilities throughout the pandemic. Whether that would be job searching, volunteering, or school, everyone has one event (or multiple) consuming our whole lives and schedules. Sometimes, though, we have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Trying to be on top of our work and finding methods to our dilemmas may be our priority, but regardless of the workload, we should always remind ourselves in our close ones. Remember the difficult situation you faced this season or last year? Even if it had not been COVID-19-related, think of the person who guided and supported you through the difficult event. Now, think of your closest friends and family members. Try to remember the trips you familiar with them and reminisce about those memorable moments. Remind them of how much they mean for you, especially today, on National Love People Day. 

Here are 5 methods for you to show love to your dear ones on National Love People Day: 

1. Make sure they are a thank-you card.

It's always great to show gratitude to the special person you love. A DIY thank-you card is a perfect way of saying “I appreciate the support you gave me.” To begin, you can purchase a print or colored paper at a local dollar store along with other miscellaneous material needed for the ultimate craft. Feel free to experiment with various materials and textures, and through the process, just remember there is no such phrase as 'too much.' Your loved one will appreciate the effort and creativity you put in, and they'll be thankful as well. 

2. Cook them a meal.

Everyone craves a delicious meal after a long, tiring workday. Luckily, you may make the process easier and more efficient for family. Research your favorite recipes and start preparing the dishes beforehand. Once you finish, decorate the meals with vegetables and fruit on the side. You can either serve with a delicious homemade sauce or perhaps a quick, DIYed beverage. Your guests is going to be surprised to see the food ready for them, either way. 

3. Record an appreciation song for them.

If you find yourself humming and singing to your favorite tunes, why not use the talent and record an appreciation song cover? Make sure you know your peers' favorite genres before selecting the right song. Study the lyrics and tunes prior to recording the song, and then try to play the instrument as well (only when you are comfortable doing so). Your loved one will definitely enjoy this idea and feel good they met you. 

4. Host a talent show for the whole group.

This idea is perfect for families and friend groups alike. However, the concept can also be modified for a one-on-one performance. Before hosting a live mini-concert, consult the options available to you whether online or otherwise. Then, allow everyone to participate by showcasing their passions and hobbies. Book a rehearsal and recital time for the participants with physical distancing measures or, even better, online. Once everyone is comfortable, host the mini talent show and have fun watching the performances. Ultimately, remember to remind your number of friends how much you love and support them. 

5. Write a romance poem and recite it for them.

If you're a poet at heart, you're probably inspired by millions of events occurring around the world. Hence, why don't you use your passion to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them? Imagine a difficult event and describe how your significant other has helped you. Make sure to write about how much you appreciate them and their support. When your companions read what you are saying, they will be more thankful than ever before to have you with them. 

Life is tough with various problems and deadlines. Regardless of the dilemmas we face, we should always remember those close to us. Throughout our problems, these were there for us. Appreciating our family and friends around us is the first step for celebrating National Love People Day. Before day ends, let us attempt to remind them how much we're willing to reciprocate their love and appreciation. And we shall do that daily.