In a society that keeps telling us who you should be, please don't forget who you are. Remember the times when you've put a smile on someone's face. Imagine a joke that made someone smile, or perhaps compliment on how their dreads made them look badass. Don't forget the moments you've influenced people not only with your words but from your actions. Additionally, don't forget the days you've loved with all of your heart, dreamed wonderful your might, and lived towards the best of your abilities.

I need remember how your movement speaks louder than any opposing argument could re-buddle against. Remember the hopes and dreams you have by changing the world one small act of kindness at a time. Don't forget how your existence alone is different more lives than you can count and how your perseverance has guided more visitors to the places they're intended to be in.

Remember how your spirit and soul provides enough inspiration to those who need it the most.

Don't forget when your beauty transcended passed your outer appearance and onto what's inside, for all the world to see. I need you to remember everything that makes you feel so lucky to be alive, and that made you believe that this world of ours wasn't a sinking ship after all, but a work in progress.

I know you might not be living the life you've imagined. You might be stuck in a job you do not personally enjoy or finding yourself mentally or emotionally exhausted more times than you can count. But I need you to remind yourself that you absolutely do not need anyone's approval when searching for bigger and better opportunities in your lifetime. I know you may consider yourself as somebody who is easily influenced, but I need believe how changing your thoughts toward a scenario is as powerful as physically doing something about this.

Remember that everything presently happening in your life is carefully placed through the universe to prepare you for all you have been asking for.

Please don't forget all of your joys along the way. Don't forget the small things that make you happy, the smallest of events you look forward to, and the certain individuals you have yet to meet. Remember the life you've yet to live. The life you've envisioned since you were a little girl or a teenager, don't let her down.

Don't forget that you're a fighter.

How relentlessly you've fought to earn everything that's good in your lifetime right now. Don't forget the strength you've developed through every obstacle you've overcome. Remind yourself that whatever has happened previously, needs to stay there, as it would always be an irrelevant source of reference inside your present moments. Don't forget your levels of tenacity, perseverance, and optimism. Please don't ever think consuming negativity is ever going to solve the problems you're currently facing.

Lastly, I need you to close your eyes for one second. I need you to imagine yourself the happiest you've ever been. Now tell me, why are you so full of joy at this time? What do you think has happened which has made you smile from ear to ear?

Whatever it's, I need you to open your eyes now because you need to see how everything begins in your head. How your thoughts are the most powerful creators of everything you desire, whatever you think, is exactly what you will project.

Take care of your thoughts, your life depends on it.