With the varying restrictions in position for all cities across the globe, Christmas plans are probably going to be a little different this year. If you’re much like me, and will be celebrating from afar with my loved ones; we've decided on a theme to make the Zoom call more fun. 

The virtual Christmas party will definitely be unusual, as everyone will be eating different variations of the same meal. But there are ways you can still have a laugh making great memories other than for sitting on a computer all day.

Here are some ideas you can try with your friends and family to make the season merry and bright. 

Ugly Sweater

Although it might be so 2021, Ugly Sweaters continue to be in style. But instead of sitting in your Brady Bunch-esque boxes on screen, take it to the next level by having a fashion show. Have everyone take a turn by doing their finest model strut towards a screen while you all cheer each other on. And if you give enough notice, people can come up with some pretty creative and funny outfits. 

Cookie Decorating Party

Before meeting up, have everybody bake some gingerbread cookies. Or, you can send a kit to everyone's house if that works easier. And while you all chat, decorate a few cookies. Near the end, show off your incredible holiday baker skills and revel in one of your creations over hot cocoa. 

Read Your Fave Christmas Story

Whether it is your tattered version of Twas The Night Before Christmas out of your childhood or something you found off Google, have all households pick a classic Christmas book to read. Spice it up with costumes, songs, interactive parts or funny voices. If you wanted, you could even plan out a little skit virtually with another member within the chat and act out specific scenes. 

Head's Up Christmas

Everyone loves Ellen's game Head's Up. So if one person has the game, have them be the flipper and hold the phone close to the screen. While one person guesses, ask them to close their eyes as the others give clues. It might not be the same as doing it in person, however the competitive side in your will love the goofy attempt. 

Tour Your Holiday Decorations

If you can't go for a festive drive down your street, take your phone or laptop and escort your friends through your home MTV Cribs style. Share funny back stories of methods you got certain decorations or the reason why you use them. Show them the ones you had been so excited to buy and revel in seeing other peoples styles. It's a lot more fun than you think. 

Wine and Dine

While this may not be the best for your family, grab your girls plus some of your fave wine. Wear your most festive pj's, grab a glass (or drink from the bottle) and get buzzed on group chat together. It takes away from  not being able to do it in person, and gives you a reason to forget about life for a bit while making up ground. Plus it'll still turn into a drunken dance party in your onesie at the end of the night-and there's nothing holy about that. 

Grab Christmas by the antlers and make the best of this crumbled cookie situation we're in. We do not have to sit in the dark with minimal twinkly lights alone, wishing we were somewhere else. Make spirits bright with these creative ideas and enjoy the laughter it'll bring. You won't be disappointed and even probably the most Grinch-like family member will enjoy it too.