What is the secret to career success? A strategy. I remember having a conversation having a powerful woman 10 years into her career. As you can see the notion of the persona a woman of power needs at the office she mentioned,

“successful female leaders own their femininity as they negotiate deals at the boardroom table.”

The concept that a woman needs to mold her personality towards the majority in the office is an ideal that doesn't work. People can discern people's true nature.

Women are great leaders; we are nurturing, exercise communication, intuitive with our mind in the future. In the case of a lady working in a male-dominated industry, is it best to act like a man? To gain respect, can a lady be soft-spoken and be feminine at the same time.

I offer the ultimate guide to acting like a lady and being a boss at the office.

Own Your Feminine Power

Dictionary.com defines the word feminine as “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.” Exactly what does this mean to you? It’s time for you to dress up and look beautiful like it's a photoshoot. Style your hair with a new hairstyle every Six months to one year. Wear the very best outfits that reflect personality – or – dress the near future part you want to become. Soul search to find that inner lady you will be proud to showcase.

The compassionate feminine spirit inside could possibly be the reason moving in a lateral movement at work can be a reality.

A Blend of Logic and Emotional

One from the fallacies of promoting women in leadership is a woman's emotions can be perceived as a weakness. Some believe a woman's desire to start a family is the reason men are best suited for an executive role.

A lady's emotions really are a sign we are human that is much appreciated if shown in the right situation. A logical mindset like a leader can help a woman shine within the boardroom.

A woman in a male-dominated industry can gain knowledge from the majority in leadership.

There are skills women can learn from working with men and vice versa.

Diversify Your Experience

I encourage women to become involved in entrepreneurial opportunities beyond work. Invest in stocks, buy a rental property, get started as a freelancer or start an online business. In my experience in working with organizations, a lady that can lead initiatives outside of work is valuable to a team. She can think on her own without minimal guidance using the diligence to produce results despite diversity.

The next chapter of the career can be elevated with non-work related activities that showcases a business acumen.

Learn from Pop Culture

Television has highlighted the smoothness of some of the most powerful women in TV dramas. Women like Olivia Pope in Scandal, Scully within the X Files or Joan in Girlfriends are classic examples. The 3 women owned their female energy and were powerful simultaneously despite some critiques difficulties with decisions in their non-work-related lives.

Women that understand their value that can face all challenges inside a career can remain a lady and be a boss. The epitome of the boss is a mindset. An administration or executive title is desirable to some, but the word can describe someone inside a junior level position.

As women, we need to help one another at work; rather than viewing someone with more skills like a threat, turn it into a chance to build a support system.