Do you ever feel uptight, nervous, or anxious around a specific man you're attracted to and wish there was a way you could just relax and feel more confident? What if you could walk into an area and completely attract a man’s attention simply in the manner you walk, stand, and carry yourself?

When you are looking at learning how to attract men, it is possible to learn how to get his attention without a penny but your body language. Here are four small changes you can make that will completely change your energy and draw you into any man you meet:

1. Emulate women with great charisma.

You don't have to have natural charisma or perhaps be born with “model” looks to draw in the man you want and have a great life. Great charisma and radiant, magnetic energy is one thing that you can learn. In fact, by emulating other ladies who light up a room with their radiance and, everything will soon come easily to you, too!

2. Learn how to show your beauty.

You can in fact have a natural, “organic” transformation through an easy, step-by-step process. It doesn't have to be or feel fake, although most changes feel awkward initially, and that's OK. Instead of attempting to becoming something you're not, you have got to learn how to drop your defenses and false beliefs which means that your natural feinie power can stand out. In fact, you can improve your confidence and by making small changes to, surprisingly, your lips.

3. Be aware of the way your mouth moves.

You may not have noticed this, however when you're feeling tense or nervous, you press your lips together. 

In fact, think about a recent conversation or event that completely threw you off balance and angered you or made you anxious. Whenever you think about that moment, notice the way your lips oh-so-slightly press together. They tense up as well as your mouth looks smaller and tighter. 

Now consider something sensual and relaxing. How can your lips feel now? The key is to find ways to keep your lips relaxed and slightly parted. Tension isn't attractive, trust me.

4. Learn how to tap into your feminine softness.

When you're feeling stressed, anxious, tense, make a move that feels counter-intuitive. Looking more self-confident and relaxed opens you up and sends the signal that you're open and vulnerable – which is actually an irresistible visual “signal” to a man. Luckily, any woman can learn how to become more attractive and magnetic simply by tapping into her natural inner beauty and feminine energy. Men are drawn to a lady when she's relaxed, vulnerable, and soft on the exterior but strong on the inside.

While you will find obviously many ways to attract men, among the easiest, most natural ways to achieve this is by using body language. With these four simple changes, it's easy to find men flocking for you everywhere you go. 

'Featured Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash.