You may have often heard the saying “We attract what we think.” Maybe, you have often seen it somewhere and never really considered it again. You might be skeptical of the power of this simple idea (just like I once was), but there is truth for this statement.

I am slowly learning that everything starts with our thoughts.

Try to think of the things that you want to happen, things that you need to achieve. Try to deeply envision reaching these goals. It will be hard at first, especially if you've experienced many unfortunate events, but simply try.

Oprah once interviewed Jim Carrey, and he shared a story about writing himself a 10-million-dollar check before he had any money. Even though that may sound ridiculous, he did it just to lift himself up. He kept that note in his wallet for years, but eventually he earned $10 million just in one movie role!

Turning our thoughts into reality may not seem as simple as it sounds, but what started like a visualization to make himself feel better later became a reality for Jim Carrey. If a person achieved their dreams simply by holding onto a single thought, then so can we!

Our minds are powerful. They are able to lead us to greater things if we simply believe.

Changing your thoughts won't happen overnight (in the end, everything is a process). It might take years to be a success. And no, you won’t always be in a calm and happy state, because that’s not how life works. You will see days, or even weeks, when you think that your positive system is not working. You may feel like you're just running in circles, but I believe that if you are aware, then you are still on the right track.

Don’t forget about that vision of in which you want to be or what you want to feel. Don't give up your dreams and passions.

Perhaps the universe is simply waiting for you to make a move so that it can do its part in assisting you achieve what you truly desire.

Read Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.” If you think lost, read it again. Choose your Personal Legend.

Think it. Claim it. Focus on it. Reach it.

And throughout everything, I am here, cheering you on.