There are so many types of people in the planet. And it's okay to be every single one of them. Growing up too fast eliminates the exploration and turns kids in cookie-cutters of what society thinks they should be. That's so incredibly dangerous on the planet that we live in today. The tween stage is how we learned that anything can be done and everybody is beautiful. If that's gone, then so is this way of thinking.

Honestly, I don't even know if there's anyone to blame with this, or if anyone should even be blamed at all. Times are constantly changing, but it’s up to us to preserve as much as the past as possible. We need to show kids it's okay to be silly, use imagination, and put down the phone for a few hours. When we can show kids why it's important to be themselves for as long as possible, you will see a lot more happy people in the planet. We might even be able to bring the tween back to life.