What is Mabon anyway?

Mabon is the holiday celebrated on the Fall Equinox. This year it falls on September 22, 2021. Its basic roots go back to harvest seasons, where Mabon represented the center of the harvest and a duration of equal day and night. For me, Mabon is definitely an early Thanksgiving. You're meant to look back on what you have to be grateful for and consider the loved ones who have moved in to the afterlife. The White Goddess says it best:

This it's time to look back not just around the past year, but also your lifetime, and to plan for the future. Within the rhythm of the year, Mabon is a time of rest and celebration, following the hard work of gathering the crops.

Does conducting a ritual mean I'm going to hell?

Actually, you may be a Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Jewish/Non-Denominational witch. Witchcraft itself isn't a religion. Just like with tarot, if you wish to practice magic, you don't have to devote yourself to some dark figure. The rituals are for you and you alone and you can devote them to whatever figure you want to. I personally know of very many Christian pagans who love what they do! Many Christian practices originate from pagan practices, so it connects all possible worlds for them. Find what works for you.

More importantly, the truth that you're performing a ritual doesn't mean you need to call yourself a witch. This is almost essential to understanding. These practices, rituals, and symbols are *strictly for you.* Take back your own power and label yourself as you like. For me? I call myself a tarot reader. Every other practice I partake in only grounds me in nature and lets me make use of my inner intuition to read better.

Again, these practices are not meant for anyone else but you. If it feels right in your heart, you're golden. Also, it's 2021. Hell seems pretty difficult to avoid seeing as I'm currently wearing blended fabrics and also have tattoos. Maybe damnation is in the eye from the beholder?

How can I celebrate like a first timer?

Again, consider this an earlier Thanksgiving! If you've ever participated in a really traditional turkey day in the usa, it's very similar. Dress to the nines and have a feast. Invite your family and friends. Express thanks to one another. Share your feelings and remind those you love just how much you care about them! And when that feels right in your heart, call it a day.

If you'd like to add in some witchy flair, consider incorporating some pagan elements into the mix. The traditional colors of Mabon are that of our traditional fall colors – gold, red, brown, orange, yellow, and often green. Maybe for you'll paint your nails gold and employ a red tablecloth? Go wild. Use the apple as often as possible. Apple pie? Apple cider? Apple centerpieces? The apple is really a huge symbol not just for Mabon, but for immortality, healing, and renewal.

My ideal Mabon is well known with locally grown foods and a nice glass of wine. I may even order pizza from the local pizzeria just to treat myself. *Throws glitter.* I purchased some badass sparkly gold nail polish to adorn my nails and intend to take a walk in an old cemetery within my neighborhood to just appreciate nature and could my respects to the dead. Feel free to steal this idea and use it for yourself.

As with everything, if you plan on taking nature walks – please be safe and aware of your surroundings! But more to the point, enjoy your personal version of Mabon in a way that opens your heart and fills you with happiness. Own both your practice and your spirituality.

Until next time!

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